The power of the Internet to transform educational experiences and increase the availability of world-class education is unparalleled. Online universities have taken advantage of the great scalability of online classes to provide higher education to people from all backgrounds and all budgets. Even the Ivy League schools have started offering online courses in advanced subjects like artificial intelligence and database management.

Social media and blogging platforms that allow anyone to publish their work online have created a new venue for interaction between students and professors, and many profs have taken it upon themselves to provide more educational value, career advice, marketing services, and more via personal websites, Twitter feeds, and Facebook pages. The professors on this list are all respected in their fields, successful in business and research, and highly active in the online community. They are working to make web-based communication technology an integral part of the lifelong learning experience for their students and anyone else who wants to tune in.

1 – 25

  1. Freek Vermeulen

    Freek Vermeulen works at the London Business School as an associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship. He is a writer, consultant, and speaker on strategy in the professional world.

  2. Cindy McColley

    Cindy McColley is a Marketing Manager at General Motors, as well as an adjunct professor at Michigan Tech University. Her blog was made to enable interaction and dialog about the concepts and principles of digital marketing.

  3. Laurence Capron

    Laurence Capron is the Paul Desmarais Chaired Professor of Partnership and Active Ownership at INSEAD in France and director of INSEAD’s executive education program on M&As and corporate strategy. She has received many awards and much recognition for her research and teaching in her MBA elective, M&A and corporate strategy.

  4. Jim Lyons

    University of Phoenix’s Jim Lyons offers his commentary and observations about business and marketing in the printing and imaging industry. Lyons has many years of experience in this industry and also has vision for the future.

  5. Christine Greenhow

    Christine Greenhow’s research has an emphasis on learning in social media circumstances and the scheme of networked spaces like social network pages and open source social networking applications. Her goal is to improve upon the theory, practices, and policies in this field.

  6. Bill Celis

    Bill Celis is a professor of journalism and reporting at USC Annenberg School of Journalism. Celis is a former education correspondent for the New York Times and former reporter at The Wall Street Journal.

    • University: USC Annenberg School of Journalism
    • Specialty: Journalism and Reporting
    • Blog/Website: Faculty Page
    • Twitter: @BillCelis
  7. Gerry W. Beyer

    Law professor Gerry W. Beyer is a state and nationally recognized expert in estate planning who is highly sought-after for his lectures. He presents legal presentations on continuing law education for both local and state associations.

  8. Eric Goldman

    Eric Goldman is a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law and directs the school’s High Tech Law Institute. Goldman teaches law in areas of publishing, Internet law, intellectual property, marketing, and advertising.

  9. Richard Florida

    Richard Florida is the professor of business and creativity at the Rotman School of Management and is also an established author. Florida’s ideas on creativity in business are currently being used to change the way countries and people do business and to make over their financial prudence.

  10. Bret Simmons

    Bret Simmons has a Ph.D. in management and teaches undergraduate and MBA courses in organizational behavior, leadership, entrepreneurial psychology, and research methods. Simmons specializes in corporate training which improves leadership.

  11. David Burkus

    David Burkus is currently on staff at Oral Roberts University as an assistant professor of management. Burkus is also the editor of an online think tank which promotes leadership research and best practices through articles, videos, and podcasts called LDRLB.

  12. Kit Yarrow

    Kit Yarrow is a chairperson in the psychology department at Golden Gate University where she also is the professor of psychology and marketing. She is widely recognized and often quoted on her research and work.

    • University: Golden Gate University
    • Specialty: Psychology and Marketing
    • Blog/Website: Kit
    • Twitter: @GenBuy
  13. Paul Levinson

    Paul Levinson is a professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University and is also a well-known author. Levinson is a commentator on American pop culture, media, and science fiction and has been interviewed for his views over 500 times.

  14. Jeffrey Pfeffer

    Jeffrey Pfeffer has taught at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business since 1979 as a professor of organizational behavioral. He has also authored or co-authored thirteen books to date about the field he teaches in.

  15. Kelli Matthews

    Kelli Matthews is a faculty member of the University of Oregon School of Journalism. Matthews also has ten years of public relations experience and has served seven years as the director of a full-service PR, marketing, and design agency.

  16. Barbara Nixon

    Barbara Nixon serves as an adjunct professor of public relations and communication at Southeastern University and John Brown University. Her expertise and teachings cover all areas of the public relations and communications spectrum. She is also the training manager at Shiloh Technologies.

  17. Karen Russell

    Karen Russell is a Kennedy professor who teaches public relations and media history and the University of Georgia. Her areas of expertise allow her to provide valuable research-based lessons on PR and media.

    • University: University of Georgia
    • Specialty: Public Relations and Media History
    • Twitter: @KarenRussell
  18. Bill Handy

    Bill Handy is a past visiting assistant professor and lecturer at Oklahoma State University. He is an expert in PR, social media, strategic communications, and modern communication technology.

  19. Teppo Felin

    Teppo Felin serves at Brigham Young University as an associate professor and Lee Perry fellow. His research and studies make him an expert in management strategy.

  20. David Horowitz

    David Horowitz is a marketing expert who teaches his expertise in SEO, web design, graphic design, and video editing. His work has an emphasis on using modern software and technology to optimize the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

  21. Kathy Magrino

    Kathy Magrino is a business owner, writer, editor, marketing consultant, and adjacent professor at Rider University. With over 17 years of hands-on experience, Magrino is an expert in communication media for promotional purposes.

  22. John Gallaugher

    John Gallaugher is a professor at the Carroll School of Management who teaches with insights on technology and strategy. His expertise covers all things business including modernized practices and tools for success.

  23. Emile Cambry

    Emile Cambry teaches on the premise that technology is making our lives more simplified and easier. Cambry is an MBA professor who teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on all things business.

  24. Gary Schirr

    Gary Schirr is a professor of marketing at Radford University who teaches sales and marketing. Schirr implements technologies and innovative strategies to stay on top of the marketing fields.

  25. Glen Gilmore

    Glen Gilmore is a faculty member at Rutgers University who teaches digital marketing, crisis communications, and social media law. Because of his expertise, Gilmore is able to regularly create customized training in his field for the members of the Fortune 500.

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26 – 50

  1. Michael Wesch

    Michael Wesch is an associate professor at Kansas State University. Wesch specializes in exploring the effects of new media on society and culture.

  2. Bobbi Kay Lewis

    Bobbi Kay Lewis is the faculty adviser for the advertising club at Oklahoma State University. Lewis is an expert in advertising and marketing and shares her fountain of wealth through her teachings.

  3. Elizabeth Delacruz

    Elizabeth is an art educator with 30 years of highly successful teaching experience from kindergarten through doctoral studies; 75 published papers, two books, and over 150 professional speaking engagements and workshops. She is a current Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida.

  4. Lorraine Glessner

    Lorraine Glessner is a mixed media artist and workshop instructor in addition to being an adjunct professor at the Tyler School of Art. She uses multiple forms of media in art and teaches others how to explore this area as well.

  5. Kelly O’Keefe

    Kelly O’Keefe is a professor and managing director of the VCU Brand center. In addition to his teachings at the VCU, O’Keefe is a pioneer in digital marketing and branding with over two decades of experience in these areas.

  6. Andrew T. Stephen

    Andrew T. Stephen is an expert in social media marketing and research. His research is concentrated on the understanding of the causes, types, and consequences of complex social interactions in various marketplaces.

  7. Bob Bruner

    Bob Bruner is a professor of business administration and dean at the University of Virginia. Bruner is an innovator who works hard to bring the latest techniques and tools to the business administration field.

  8. Dr. Steve Green

    Dr. Steve Green serves as the dean of the college of business at Oral Roberts University. His research and studies have a strong emphasis on strategy as well as learning resources like books, blogs, podcasts, or seminars.

    • University: Oral Roberts University
    • Specialty: Business Strategy
    • Twitter: @drstevegreen
  9. Scott Galloway

    Scott Galloway is a professor at the Stern School of Business who researches and studies e-commerce, digital marketing, social media and mobile marketing. Galloway devotes himself to the growth of business practices and keeping up with the latest industry trends.

    • University: Stern School of Business
    • Specialty: Branding
    • Blog/Website: L2
    • Twitter: @profgalloway
  10. Martha Gabriel

    Martha Gabriel is a director of technology at New Media Developers. She is also a professor of MBA marketing at HSM Educacao.

  11. Christine Moorman

    Christine Moorman is a senior professor of business administration at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. Moorman puts great emphasis on the nature and impact of research utilization and education actions by consumers, managers, organizations, and financial markets.

  12. Allen H. Kupetz

    Allen H. Kupetz is on the faculty at the business school at Rollins College. Kupetz is a leader in ideas about how technology impacts the individual and business.

  13. Bill George

    Bill George is a Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author. He was named “Top 25 Business Leaders of the Past 25 Years” by PBS and has been teaching leadership and valuable business skills for decades.

  14. Garth Saloner

    Garth Saloner is a professor and dean at the Stanford Business School. Saloner has a passion for entrepreneurship and a dedication to instructing pupils to think and act with an understandable economic outlook.

  15. Dave Saunders

    Dave Saunders is on the faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University. Saunders is also the founder of an integrated communications agency which offers creative solutions in marketing for startup companies.

  16. Angel Cabrera

    Angel Cabrera is the sixth president of the George Mason University, an innovative and entrepreneurial institution. Cabrera is also an expert in international business and higher education, and has been recognized by top international organizations.

  17. Clayton Christensen

    Clayton Christensen is a professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School. His most popular elective classes are on building and maintaining a successful enterprise and is regarded as one of the top innovators in the industry.

  18. Gautam Mukunda

    Gautam Mukunda is an assistant professor in the organization behavioral unit of Harvard University. His research and studies focus on leadership, emerging technologies, and modern use of communication tools.

  19. Sheena Iyengar

    World renowned expert on the subject of choice, Sheena Iyengar is a professor of business in the management division of the Columbia Business School. Her studies and research have an emphasis on making better decisions in business.

  20. Rich Lyons

    Rich Lyons is the Bank of America Dean of the Haas School of Business at the University of California. Lyons research and work have been devoted to leadership development and growth.

  21. Mark Shaefer

    Mark Shaefer is a faculty member at Rutgers University. Shaefer is an expert in sales, marketing, eCommerce, social media, creative services, and marketing communications.

    • University: Rutgers University
    • Specialty: Business
    • Twitter: @markwshaefer
  22. Laura Bright Ph.D

    Laura Bright Ph.D. is a professor of strategic communications at Texas Christian University. Bright teaches channel planning, media communications, and strategic communications campaigns.

    • University: Texas Christian University
    • Specialty: Strategic Communications
    • Blog/Website: Bright Woman
    • Twitter: @lbright
  23. Nancy Van Leuven

    Nancy Van Leuven teaches and consults in various areas of marketing/strategic communication, sustainability, information and technology, and sustainable development. Her mission is to help people develop plans to effectively communicate with their audience.

  24. Patrick Strother

    A professor at the University of Minnesota, Patrick Strother founded Communications Group. His mission is to provide exceptionally effective marketing solutions and sophisticated integrated communications.

  25. Nouriel Roubini

    Nouriel Roubini is a professor of economics at Stern School, NYU and an independent, global macroeconomic strategy researcher. His perspectives on the financial industry and teachings are world renowned.

    • University: Stern School, NYU
    • Specialty: Global Macroeconomics
    • Blog/Website:

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51 – 75

  1. Austan Goolsbee

    Austan Goolsbee is part of the faculty at the University of Chicago School of Business. Goolsbee teaches about the newest methods and technologies in economics.

  2. Patrick Chovanec

    Patrick Chovanec is a faculty member at Tsinghua University as a professor of economics. His insights on economics have been featured in many stories which have appeared in many major news publications.

  3. Richard H. Thaler

    Richard H. Thaler is a faculty member at the University of Chicago. His insights are centered on health, wealth, and happiness in business and more.

    • University: University of Chicago
    • Specialty: Business
    • Blog/Website: Nudge
    • Twitter: @R_Thaler
  4. Amanda Krauss

    Amanda Krauss is a former professor who gave daily lectures to students for over 10 years until recently. She is currently a part of a group which speaks on an intellectual variety show.

  5. Richard M. Reis

    Richard M. Reis is the executive director of the Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing (AIM) at Stanford and is the co-executive director of the Stanford Research Communication Program. His research and studies are greatly concentrated in modernizing communications.

  6. Natalie M. Houston

    Natalie M. Houston is currently serving on the faculty of the University of Houston as an associate professor in the English department. Houston is also a productivity coach who specializes in helping people complete assignments and tasks in school, work, and in their personal life.

  7. Peter G. Klein

    University of Missouri associate professor of applied science Peter G. Klein is also a researcher and author. Klein’s studies focuses greatly on the economics within an organization, entrepreneurship, and corporate strategy.

    • University: University of Missouri
    • Specialty: Entrepreneurship and Strategy
    • Twitter: @petergklein
  8. C.W. Anderson

    C.W. Anderson is an assistant professor in the department of media culture at the City University of New York. His research and studies center on the sociology of news, journalism studies, science and technology studies, and networking theories.

    • University: City University of New York
    • Specialty: Media Culture
    • Blog/Website: C.W.
  9. Anthony B. Sanders

    Anthony B. Sanders is a distinguished professor of real estate finance at George Mason University. His research is in financial institutions, securitization, capital markets and real estate finance and investments, and his studies have been published in many major journals.

  10. Kevin Werbach

    Kevin Werbach is on the faculty at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as an associate professor of legal studies and business ethics. Werbach is an expert in business, policy, and social implications of break through Internet and communications technologies.

    • University: The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania
    • Specialty: Legal Studies and Business Ethics
    • Blog/Website:
    • Twitter: @Kwerb
  11. Holly Tucker

    Holly Tucker is a faculty member at Vanderbilt University as a professor of medicine and health and society. Tucker is also a distinguished author and her work is even published in major publications including The Wall Street Journal.

  12. Panos Ipeirotis

    Panos Ipeirotis is a faculty member at New York University as an associate professor and George A. Kellner fellow at the department of information, operations, and management sciences. His studies are based on his work as a computer scientist who is working behind enemy lines.

  13. Carrie Brown-Smith

    Carrie Brown-Smith is an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Memphis. Her research and teachings focus on the changing newsrooms, social media, and entrepreneurial and digital journalism.

  14. Dan Kennedy

    Dan Kennedy is a faculty member at the Northeastern University School of Journalism as an assistant professor who specializes in new-media trends. Kennedy is a specialist who monitors emerging media trends in social media and journalism.

  15. Jim MacMillan

    Jim MacMillan is an educator at the University of Missouri and an independent multimedia journalist. His studies and work concentrate on peace and conflict journalism.

  16. Jay Rosen

    Jay Rosen is a journalism faculty member at New York University and serves as a department chair. He blogs on his own site as well as the Huffington Post and is a part of many other journalism projects.

  17. Jane Simon

    Jane Simon is a legal writing professor at the Notre Dame Law School who has many years of experience as a federal district court law clerk. Her career has involved amassing vital inside knowledge on how judges evaluate arguments and which strategies best persuaded them.

  18. Karl Moore

    Karl Moore is a professor at McGill University who researches and studies economy and business. Moore has many years of hands-on experience and his work has been recognized and published in over 25 journals.

  19. Eric Brey

    Eric Brey is a UW-Stout professor with the goal of inspiring others to think strategically in business. Brey is a futurist and scholar with many forward thinking ideas and research based thoughts.

  20. Carol Phillips

    Carol Phillips is a marketing professional with over two decades of experience in marketing and consumer research. Phillips is also a faculty member at Notre Dame and has helped pioneer many online design innovations.

  21. Niklas Myhr, Ph.D.

    Niklas Myhr, Ph.D., is a social media and global marketing professor at Chapman University. His specialties and areas of concentrated research are marketing, media, and sustainable business practices.

  22. Deirdre Breakenridge

    Deirdre Breakenridge is a PR expert and faculty member at New York University. Breakenridge’s studies are concentrated on media relations and public branding.

  23. Dr. William Ward

    Dr. William Ward is a social media professor at Syracuse University in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Ward is also a consultant for integrated marketing solutions and helps people connect with communication and creativity.

    • University: Syracuse University
    • Specialty: Social Media
    • Blog/Website: Dr4Ward
    • Twitter: @dr4ward
  24. Elaine Young

    Elaine Young is a professor of marketing at Champlain College. She has many years of industry experience in the working world which she brings to her students and research.

  25. Heidi Cohen

    Heidi Cohen is a faculty member of Rutgers University and creative marketing professional. Her research and insights are concentrated on action marketing and marketing research.

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76 – 100

  1. Jennifer Aaker

    Jennifer Aaker is a professor of marketing at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Aaker is a highly sought-after expert and teacher in the field of marketing, and her work has been widely published in many major journals.

  2. Thom Kennon

    Thom Kennon is a faculty member at New York University. Kennon’s research and studies and greatly concentrated on emerging trends in marketing.

  3. Jessica Rogers

    Jessica Rogers is a full-time student and marketing instructor who specializes in social media marketing. Rodgers fully utilizes emerging and trending marketing tools to reach her followers and students and share her studies.

  4. Kenneth Cossin

    Kenneth Cossin is a faculty member at Full Sail University as a professor of communications and mobile advertising in the Internet marketing program. Cossin is also a master teacher who trains staff on using the online programs and tools available through the school.

    • University: Full Sail University
    • Specialty: Communications and Mobile Advertising
    • Blog/Website: Cossin’s Corner
  5. Mike Breazeale

    Mike Breazeale is marketing educator who is also a researcher and consultant. He has many useful insights on business marketing from an insider’s perspective.

    • University: University of Nebraska at Omaha
    • Specialty: Business Marketing
    • Blog/Website: MKTG Mike
    • Twitter: @MKTGMike
  6. Johanna Skilling

    Johanna Skilling is a faculty member of New York University and branding expert. Skilling is an expert with hands-on experience in marketing which helps customers identify with businesses and brands.

  7. Rob Croll

    Rob Croll is a faculty member at Full Sail University as a program director of the school’s Internet marketing program. Croll is also a small business digital marketing consultant who is passionate about small business marketing, social media, SEO, and pay per click programs.

  8. Lyle Wetsch

    Lyle Wetsch is a faculty member at Memorial University of Newfoundland as an associate professor of marketing. Wetsch has many years of experience with teaching, consulting and researching in the areas of e-marketing and social media.

  9. Bruce Freeman

    Bruce Freeman is an award winning teacher who works as an adjunct professor of management and entrepreneurship in the Stillman School of Business.

  10. Dale Cressman

    Dale Cressman is an associate professor and associate chair of the department of communications at Brigham Young University. Cressman has worked in the media for many years and his research is greatly focused on emerging trends in communications.

  11. Kerry Gorgone

    Kerry Gorgone, new media specialist and attorney, is a faculty member at Full Sail University where she teaches new media marketing. Gorgone’s research and studies focus on topics such as technology law, mobile, and social media.

  12. Lukas Neville

    Lukas Neville is an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the University of Manitoba. Neville’s research and studies focus on psychology science, negotiation and conflict management research, occupational health psychology, and research on managing groups and teams.

  13. Chris MacDonald

    Chris MacDonald is a speaker, consultant, and educator in the field of business ethics. MacDonald is one of the top thought leaders in his field and he shares his research and studies in published pieces, and with his clients and students.

  14. Dawn Gilpin

    Dawn Gilpin is an assistant professor of journalism and mass communications at Arizona State University. Her research is concentrated on communications, especially related to questions of identity, reputation, and community. Dawn’s personal bio indicates complexity theory as a major influence in her worldview.

    • University: Arizona State University
    • Specialty: Journalism and Mass Communications
    • Blog/Website: Dawn
    • Twitter: @DrGilpin
  15. Fabrizio Ferraro

    Fabrizio Ferraro is an associate professor of strategic management at the IESE Business School. His research is concentrated on the emergence of responsible investing in mainstream financial markets.

  16. Frank T. Rothaermel

    Frank T. Rothaermel is a faculty member at Georgia Tech where he is a management professor. His research and studies are vastly focused on areas of strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

  17. Sydney Finkelstein

    Sydney Finkelstein is a professor of management at the Dartmouth University School of Business. Research conducted by Finkelstein greatly focuses on strategic leadership and corporate governance. His work has been published in numerous articles in the major journals in his field.

    • University: Dartmouth University
    • Specialty: Business Management
    • Blog/Website: Think Again
  18. Alex Reid

    Alex Reid is a faculty member of SUNY Buffalo in the English department. His research focuses greatly on digital media networks with a particular interest in their operation within humanities pedagogy and scholarship.

  19. Bob Sutton

    Bob Sutton is a faculty member at Stanford University. Sutton has innovative ideas on management and his research focuses on the best practices in business.

  20. Dan Cohen

    Dan Cohen is a professor of history and art history at George Mason University. His research is on digital humanities, and the nature of digitized resources to twenty-first century research techniques and software tools to the changing landscape of communication and publication.

  21. Steve Shu

    Steve Shu is a management consultant and business development professional. He is also an assistant professor in the business school at Irvine University.

  22. Christopher Penn

    Christopher Penn is the director of Inbound Marketing at WhatCounts enterprise email marketing and a co-founder of PodCamp with Chris Brogan. He is also a professor of Internet marketing and lead subject matter expert, curriculum designer, and professor of advanced social media at the University of San Francisco online.

  23. David Aaker

    David Aaker is vice chairman of the Prophet company and consults exclusively for his Prophet clients. He is also the creator of his own exclusive business model and has published more than 100 articles and 15 books.

  24. Judy D. Olian

    Judy D. Olian is the dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management and the John E. Anderson Chair in Management. Olian has been vastly published in journals on human resource management, top management team composition, and the business alignment of management systems.

  25. Ben Goss

    Ben Goss is an associate professor in the entertainment management program for the College of Business Administration at Missouri State University. He is also a consultant who has contributed to many projects, such as program assessment, corporate sponsorship policy development, values and philosophy statements, patron lifestyle and sponsorship analysis, sponsorship development and solicitation, facility feasibility, economic impact, and fan initiatives.

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