Technology amplifies knowledge, and education is one of the fields that stands to benefit the most from the rapid development of the internet and communication technology. Edtech allows for the wide distribution of educational materials, and for the development of customized, interactive learning environments to fit any learning style. Educators and technology enthusiasts alike have embraced the educational power of the internet, PCs, tablets, and even smart phones. There is an amazing community of education innovators on Google Plus, sharing ideas about education technology and eLearning, and working toward a new paradigm of education for the next generation. While education technology has the power to transform the college experience, it is also useful in many other contexts, including:

  • Kindergarten through 12th grade schools.
  • Continued education and post-college learning settings.
  • Corporate training and on the job skill acquisition.

These Google Plus accounts cover everything from free online video courses to full on learning management systems. There is a lively ecosystem of bloggers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and companies both collaborating and competing to build the future of education technology. This list is not meant to rank any of these Google Plus accounts above the others, but to recommend them all as great sources of information for people who are passionate about education technology.

Industry & Development

Education technology has become a global industry with a large business infrastructure behind it. Software developers, business managers, educators and researchers all work together to form the companies that are building the most innovative products at the intersection of education and technology.

  1. eLearning Industry


    eLearning Industry is a place where those involved in eLearning can come and discuss the different developments they’re faced with, as well as convey information, and help secure jobs. From these benefits, it’s easy to see how they can be useful to those in Ed Tech.

  2. Edudemic


    Edudemic has all the best information on how to design engaging content for students and the Google Plus posts are great because their focus remains intent on improving the classroom.

  3. The eLearning Guild


    The eLearning Guild is an impressive organization, often providing exciting and engaging content in the forms of conferences, online events, research reports, industry publications, among other forms. If you’re trying to get involved in the eLearning community, going through their posts is a great starting point.

  4. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Community


    As a teacher, it can be more difficult to find useful educational resources for integrating technology into the classroom. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Community makes it much easier with their large amount of posts to connect teachers with useful tools for working with students.

  5. Edtech Community


    One of the best parts about the 21st century is our ability to connect in new ways and the EdTech community accentuates this, specifically through their fantastic forum where educators can converse with technologists, and other individuals in this field. It’s great for those in eLearning to get in touch with other established individuals.

  6. Higher EdTech Community


    Higher EdTech Community has some truly awesome content that posits useful ideas to the viewer. A lot of the posts consist of a news article and commentary on it, but they’re very insightful. It’s definitely recommended if you want a good picture of various implications that go along with technology.

  7. EdTech and Professional Development Community


    As Ed Tech and eLearning have continued to develop, they’ve also had significant effects on the workplace and how employers go about training their employees. What makes EdTech and Professional Development Community so impactful is how they’re able to propagate useful training ideas.

  8. Education Dive


    Education Dive is looking at the next frontier in technology, which is mobile and portable devices, and has been developing ways to make eLearning successful on-the-go. The Google Plus page posts a lot of content relevant to eLearning on mobile devices, so is very worthwhile to read.

  9. eLearning Tags


    eLearning Tags is useful for students and teachers alike to locate some of the best resources concerning eLearning and Ed Tech content. By allowing users to use their database of bookmarks and contribute their own, the quality of the site is able to improve each day.

  10. EdTechReview


    EdTechReview acts as an engaging content filter, helping ensure notable eLearning classes get the attention they deserve. Posts on the Google Plus page act as a forum for discussing different issues within eLearning and the Ed Tech community.

  11. Francis Kneebone


    Francis Kneebone is an eLearning educator who also works extensively to educate students on how to engage in new learning techniques. His Google Plus page is noted for its depth of information on the eLearning community.

  12. IB SMART


    IB SMART has worked ardently to integrate gamefication into education, often because this is a much more engaging way to work with students. Additionally, their website has great eBooks and all the content is designed for mobile devices. Where their Google Plus page succeeds is through the supplementary content from their actual website, with many instructional videos being posted.

  13. Schoolsware Limited


    With school budgets constantly in peril today, it’s hard to implement the latest educational strategies and give students as many options as possible. Schoolsware Limited aims to alleviate some of these concerns by fostering better relationships between schools and the Ed Tech companies they’re trying to get content from.

  14. Scholarix e-Learning Solutions


    Scholarix e-Learning Solutions works to educate others on the benefits of eLearning in many different formats. The posts on Google Plus detail numerous ways that eLearning can actually yield significant improvements in education through content that is tailored to the individual.

  15. Stephen Downes


    Stephen Downes is a leading researcher based in New Brunswick, Canada who specializes in education technology. He has some of the best content relating to education and technology, including lectures, interviews, and introspective pieces.

  16. Benedict CHIA


    Benedict CHIA works at TTSH and gives a focus to eLearning within the organization, which helps them drive their Ed Tech solutions. His posts touch on a swath of information relating to education and its continued development.

  17. SVIC INDIA e-Learning Company


    SVIC INDIA e-Learning Company provides eLearning solutions that are practical for both business and educational settings. They help companies and organizations to teach employees and students new skills and information. The Google Plus page is useful to prospective customers to get an idea of what sort of endeavors the company engages in regularly.

  18. eLearning Marketplace


    eLearning Marketplace helps facilitate the simplest exchanges of online courses and content around the world. The content on the site also provides perspective on the current state of the job market and the employability of those currently in the workforce.

  19. Chris Hambly


    Chris Hambly has an intent focus on bettering the education landscape for future generations and does so through his company, Audana. He posts information relating to general eLearning news on his Google Plus page, along with lighthearted posts to keep the content fun.

  20. Geography Education


    Content on Geography Education emphasizes how the field has seen large growth due to various technologies allowing individuals to learn through different arenas. Stressed as well is how 21st century mapping techniques have played a crucial part in this resurgence and it informs individuals on the wonders of eLearning.


    K12com equips parents and young students with the information and resources to go to school online and, in many cases, be incredibly successful. The page is recommended because of all the educational posts directly connecting eLearning.

  22. Joyce Seitzinger


    Educational Technologist Joyce Seitzinger lives in New Zealand and works as an eLearning Advisor. Her interesting Google Plus page is a highly recommended source, due to her industry experience, it’s a great place to see what it’s like to be an Educational Technologist.

  23. Brent Schlenker


    As the Director of Product/Technology at IO, Brent Schlenker details some of the best ways to differentiate content on his Google Plus page. He also posts interesting pieces that are intuitive to discussions.

  24. James Clay


    James Clay works for Oxford & Cherwell Valley College and Reading College where he manages information technology. Previously he has been very accomplished as well, having been the ALT Learning Technologist of 2009. He posts interesting thoughts and commentary on the current state of education and often weighs different benefits of technology in his posts, so it’s useful to get a pragmatic view of these Ed Tech issues.

  25. EdTech Higher Ed


    EdTech Higher Ed is an initiative of Ed Tech Magazine, but in this case with an explicit focus on college-level tools. The Google Plus page gets it’s notability through their comprehensive coverage of conferences, upcoming developments in the field, gamefication, and many more areas.

  26. CrossKnowledge e-learning solutions


    CrossKnowledge e-learning solutions details comprehensive ways to tailor various content relating to eLearning. They’re regarded as leaders for developing leadership and managerial skills remotely, so if you’re looking to get involved in eLearning from a company standpoint, check out their Google Plus page.

  27. Pauls E-Learning Resources


    Paul’s E-Learning Resources is an engaging page that has an impressive range of material that anyone who works in eLearning or Ed Tech will find useful. Additionally, the organization provides consulting for these subjects as well.

  28. SHIFT eLearning


    SHIFT eLearning has been a necessity in the landscape of Ed Tech because of their techniques that allow them to quickly design courses for clients. The Google Plus page is loaded with walk-throughs on issues in eLearning, so shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking to expand resources.

  29. 3P Learning Global


    3P Learning Community helps to reinforce some core educational pillars and has been integral to Ed Tech and eLearning because of programs such as Mathletics, Spellodrome, and Reading Eggs. They’re useful to those in the Ed Tech community because of their incredibly bank of knowledge on these important issues.

  30. eLearning Feeds


    eLearning Feeds compiles some of the best articles around the internet relating to eLearning. Some touch on the benefits, while others provide perspective on where they think the industry will develop. It’s useful for people to are involved in this community and don’t want to have to sift through a sea of articles to the find the most worthwhile.

  31. E-Learning 24/7


    E-Learning 24/7 understands the rapid rate that Ed Tech and eLearning are growing today and works with vendors and buyers to secure the best solutions to further the field. This Google Plus page has been inactive for some time, but the content is still relevant, and their website is top-notch and always up-to-date.

  32. eLearning Ask


    eLearning Ask is an engaging site that answers questions individuals may have concerning Ed Tech and eLearning. The Google Plus page has very intriguing articles that aim to tackle common themes in the field, ultimately trying to answer questions before they’re asked.

  33. ELearningDeveloper


    ELearningDeveloper often posts great content from their Twitter account onto their feed, discussing topics such as eLearning solutions and how mobile devices will upend the traditional learning model. It’s great for those unfamiliar with eLearning who want to get started somewhere with content that is straightforward.

  34. Learners Online


    Learners Online is a part of eLearning Systems International and they work to better the environment for educators to help students. Posts on the Google Plus page are wonderful because they highlight useful news articles and pieces concerning why education’s next frontier is online.

  35. E-Learning Game


    Gamefication, or the implementation of games, into learning has seen large growth in recent years, especially in the era of technology. E-Learning Game publishes articles from around the internet that explain why games are so effective in information retention, so it’s great for a teacher who’s looking to design a more engaging curriculum.

  36. Jeffrey Hamilton


    Jeffrey Hamilton is the e-Learning Consultant at the State Library of North Carolina, so is constantly looking for different ways to help others learn. Posts on the Google Plus page offer tons of great walk-throughs on different technologies and their proper use.

  37. Technology in Education – Community


    “Pedagogy eats Technology for Lunch!” is the tagline of the Technology in Education community, and the people who post here are heavily interested in the culture of education and how technology influences it.

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    Courses & Platforms

    Free and paid online courses have proliferated as the internet has grown faster and more accessible. Whole platforms have sprung up to make it easier for educators to construct their own online courses and share their learning materials freely online. The amount of academic resources available online is astounding and unprecedented, and these Google Plus accounts do a great job of discussing, analyzing, and publicizing the best online educational materials.

  39. Khan Academy


    This non-profit organization envisions a world in which education is free to all, thus enabling a more level playing field from which success can be drawn. The Khan Academy posts updates on various class offerings on their Google Plus page, making it incredibly valuable to students.

  40. edX


    edX is an initiative created by graduates of universities such as Harvard and MIT. They have one of the most impressive selections of MOOCs and interactive online classes on the internet. Their Google plus page is one of the most regularly updated, posting some notable courses, as well as information on various benefits of eLearning.

  41. OpenSesame eLearning


    OpenSesame eLearning is a marketplace that people can enter to buy and sell various courses. Their Google Plus page is useful because of the showcasing of notable courses.

  42. Academic English Online


    Academic English Online is an eLearning site that regularly posts useful information on the English language. They also offer English classes online from Canada that make it much easier to learn from. Each post posits a different question relating to the English language and gives answers for users to understand why certain phrases are said.

  43. Professional Development Resources


    Professional Development Resources uses their Google Plus page to promote different online education tools on subjects such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and more. The ultimate goal is to have more accessible materials for individuals who are looking to educate themselves and not be hindered be traditional learning methods.

  44. Ross Cranwell


    Ross Cranwell has great insight into the eLearning community and it’s emphasized on his great Google Plus page. Providing some casual perspective on a number of eLearning in China, he also talks about issues concerning technology and education.

    • Visit Their Web Page: LingoBite
  45. University of the People


    As we’ve moved further into the 21st century, the idea of a tuition-free college has become increasingly realistic. University of the People is the first institution to make this a reality and they work extensively to promote global education initiatives. eLearning advocates will find interesting information on how to go about starting a tuition-free institution.

  46. Lectora e-Learning


    Lectora e-Learning has largely led the way in easy-to-use software that makes it simple to author original content that is able to be taught. Posts on the Google Plus page detail different aspects of learning online, product developments, and great Ed Tech tips.

  47. UMass Online


    Umass Online affords students the ability to take classes online for course credit towards a degree at the University of Massachusetts. Their Google Plus page is very worthwhile since they have regular updates on the intersection of technology and education.

  48. Coggno Learning Management System


    Coggno Learning Management System is a web-based learning management system that allows for course management and even social learning tools. Posts on the site often detail the robust features of the software and explain how they’re useful in the context of eLearning. This page is useful because they spend a beneficial amount of time going over pertinent educational issues.

    • Visit Their Web Page: Coggno
  49. Docebo E-Learning


    Docebo E-Learning designs educational tools for computers such as simulators, learning games, runtime courses, and even offer counseling and support for companies looking for a strong partner in eLearning. The Google Plus page is regularly updated with tutorials on Decebo products, so check out how it can be beneficial for you and your organization.

    • Visit Their Web Page: Docebo
  50. ThinxLabs


    ThinxLabs has eLearning tools that help those who may otherwise have not had access to these learning materials. Their resources focus on financial education, so it’s a worthwhile read for many people, particularly those looking to manage money better.

  51. JPL Learning Solutions


    JPL Learning Solutions is an agency that works to promote their various digital solutions concerning advertising, media productions, and learning solutions. They’ve developed a successful business model by training their employees through eLearning, simulations, and blended learning approaches. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, making the Google Plus page a worthwhile read to further understand how companies are implementing eLearning.

  52. CityPhotography – elearning photography online courses


    CityPhotography – eLearning photography online courses lets individuals expand their wealth of knowledge on photography-related subject through online courses. With eLearning rapidly evolving, it’s helping take the place of some courses that don’t really require one to be in a classroom. The Google Plus page posts content on the course offerings available on their website.

  53. Centre for e-Learning


    Based in Singapore, the Centre for e-Learning works to enhance the quality of online teaching and equip students to have the most opportunities to succeed. Their Google Plus page has a large amount of videos, mostly consisting of videos that highlight different ways eLearning is most effective.

  54. Viva eLearning


    Viva eLearning is designed for professionals to learn new skill sets through the internet and further their careers. Some posts look at advice for instructional designers, while others posit useful perspectives relevant to education.

  55. e-learning UK


    e-Learning UK is the official Google Plus page for Virtual College and often post on the different course offerings available. It’s great to get a more well-rounded perspective on what eLearning offerings typically look like online and eLearning advocates should use the page as a guide for designing their own eLearning material.

  56. Esky e-Learning


    Esky e-Learning helps any business involved in the food industry to stay up to code by offering the most integral food safety training, as well as health and safety training. Courses typically cover topics such as food hygiene, fire safety, manual handling, and display screen equipment. The Google Plus page is a necessity for those who want to learn about the food safety, as they regularly post on the subject.

  57. Online Courses Australia


    Online Courses Australia teaches on subjects across various industries and has useful tips for those involved in Ed Tech who want to get perspective on putting their own site for online courses together.

  58. ProjectingIT


    Projecting IT designs eLearning courses for schools and other organizations. The Google Plus page has many tutorials and self-designed content, so you will be able to get a large amount of unique information from both the perspective of the developer and client.

  59. The Green BOX Learning Solutions


    The Green BOX Learning Solutions knows that a successful company starts with good employees, so they work to foster engagement tools that promote higher excellence in employees and put value back into the company. What makes the Google Plus page notable is the wide-ranging content relevant to eLearning in an organizational setting, such as a corporation.

  60. Curation Empire Elearning Course


    Curation Empire Elearning Course details why different content is more effective with students and the Google Plus page has detailed information on social media and content creation.

  61. HindsCC eLearning


    HindsCC eLearning is a department within Hinds Community College and helps students to utilize various technologies and be better equipped for success. Posts on the Google Plus page are instructional pieces for various technologies, so it’s very worthwhile for beginners.

  62. Moodle e-learning


    Well known for their vehement commitment to contemporary educational methods, Suwarnasoft Solutions has used Moodle e learning to further educate people on developments in eLearning. They’re able to showcase the different ways they help promote some of the most common breakthroughs in Ed Tech.

  63. Landmark eLearning


    Landmark eLearning works incredibly hard to differentiate themselves from the slew of other companies that help build educational products online. The Google Plus page is useful because of the numerous posts that emphasize discussion and they even have webinars often.

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    Bloggers & Consultants

    A blog can be a great platform not only for discussing education technology, but for distributing educational materials and even drumming up business for an edtech or elearning consultancy.

  65. Scott McLeod


    One of the most crucial elements to EdTech and eLearning in the 21st century is keeping teachers at the forefront of developing technologies. Teachers are often painted as lacking technologically savvy, but with the burgeoning eLearning community, it’s easier for them to stay up-to-date and take the most advantage for educating students. Scott MeLeod is a renowned expert in school technology leadership, so his Google Plus page is highly recommended due to his ability to connect with teachers and enable them to work better with students.

  66. Gwyneth Jones


    Gwyneth Jones runs The Daring Librarian, an engaging blog that provides great material concerning Ed Tech and it’s implementation into contemporary education culture. Her Google Plus page is a nice portal to The Daring Librarian’s official site and has some of the most pertinent posts from the blog.

  67. Roane Beard


    The evolving face of education has seen many fundamental facets change with the increasingly common implementation of technology. Roane Beard works for Think Now Education, a company who has a dynamic approach for educating others in the 21st century and his posts emphasize the awesome ways technology and eLearning can be used today to make educating easier.

  68. Healthcare eLearning


    Healthcare eLearning is a site that helps to give people working in the health field useful ways to continuously educate themselves on different topics. The Google Plus page is fantastic because of all the technology-related posts that tie in healthcare education.

  69. Vicki Davis


    In the Ed Tech and eLearning community, Vicki Davis is a stand-out figure, in part because she’s the founder of Cool Cat Teacher, a blog that uses technology to further the ways students can be engaged. Since she’s an educator herself, she’s aptly equipped with some of the best teaching methods today.

  70. Ed Tech K-12


    Ed Tech K-12 is the official Google Plus page for Ed Tech Magazine, a periodical that presents developments in Ed Tech, specifically for students under 18 years old. Aside from the useful news articles, the site also presents critical opinions of developments in eLearning that are of the highest-quality.

  71. Steve Hargadon


    Steve Hargadon stays busy between all the endeavors he stays involved in, from being the Director of 2.0 Labs to being Chair of the Social Learning Summit. He’s a go-to guy when it comes to the most beneficial ways that technology and education intersect, evident from his Google Plus page that often discusses some of the most pertinent issues in Ed Tech today.

  72. Caitlin Cahill


    Caitlin Cahill runs Tech Tools for Teacher – Online Course, a page that provides teachers with Ed Tech information and courses to make teaching more seamless for everyone involved.

  73. Jeffrey Bradbury


    Jeffrey Bradbury works for, a website devoted to helping teachers more effectively administer technology in the classroom through audiocasts, screencasts, along with blogs. Plenty of videos are posted on the Google Plus page, so teachers can always find content that provides new teaching techniques through technology.

  74. Christopher Pappas


    Christopher Pappas is the highly accredited founder of The eLearning Industry, a site that runs a network of sites that all focus on different facets of eLearning. Topics include weekly updates, jobs, and even an overview of the industry at large. Of course, this is an incredibly useful page for new, as well as seasoned, eLearning advocates.

  75. Todd Hurst


    Todd Hurst is the director of education and workforce innovation at the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning at the University of Indianapolis. He is currently pursuing a PhD in School Technology Leadership, and he uses his Google Plus page to share insights about technology in educational settings.

  76. Anita Horsley


    Anita Horsley has been widely respected in the various positions she’s had, but maybe none as much as her current occupation. As the owner of CALEX Learning Consultants LLC, she’s been able to develop useful eLearning courses and posts great advice on various applications that comprise the Adobe portfolio.

  77. Michael Wacker


    Michael Wacker works for EdTech Team Inc and aims to create environments that are intuitive to teaching and learning. He posts in-depth analysis on how technological products can help promote education.

  78. E-Learning and Online Teaching


    E-Learning and Online Teaching prepares teachers to have all the resources they need to be successful teachers through eLearning. As the official Google Plus homepage for the University of Wisconsin-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program, it’s a worthwhile read even if you aren’t looking to attain this certificate.

  79. Tyler Gayheart


    Tyler Gayheart is a PhD student whyo regularly blogs about the intersection of higher ed and technology, blended learning, and how tech affects behavior.

  80. David Ashby


    David Ashby is an Educational Technologist who has worked previously as a Spanish teacher, so has hands-on experience with the obstacles that inhibit education. The posts on his Google Plus page are firmly rooted in technology, often touching on the latest developments, so it’s useful to get a picture of the most happening information in the field.

  81. Tonya Witherspoon


    Tonya Witherspoon’s Google Plus account points at some of the most notable aspects in eLearning and Ed Tech today. Her content gives great perspective on how mobile learning will soon rise to the forefront of the education conversation.

  82. Degree of Freedom


    Degree of Freedom chronicles an ambitious learner’s attempt fit four years of college into twelve months through eLearning and MOOC’s. The author aims to get a college education at the lowest possible cost, and explore the implications of cheap and free education online.

  83. George Siemens


    Speaker and eLearning Specialist George Siemens has a great Google Plus page that is loaded with various speeches he’s given at conferences, along with news pieces relevant to the Ed Tech community.

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    Related Pages

  85. Social Media eLearning


    Social Media eLearning helps people learn to maximize the usefulness of their online social profiles for educational and commercial purposes. Starr Knight, a cofounder of the company, shares social media tips for elearning and ecommerce on her Google Plus page.

  86. Course Hero


    Course Hero has a range of educational resources that allow for more personalized learning and puts students in control of their destinies. No longer are students at the whim of their educator’s teaching ability and Course Hero has options such as digital flashcards, tutors, study documents, and more. In particular, the Google Plus page highlights students’ success stories, along with great information on how to get into college.

  87. ABCD E-Learning


    ABCD e-Learning helps develop different courses and content for learning online. The programs have a large emphasis on educating less populated or rural parts of countries, where the ideas of eLearning and Ed Tech may be less developed.

  88. Audrey Watters


    Audrey Watters is writer for Hack Education, a site that looks at how we can rewire the education system to be the most beneficial for each student. She displays incredible intelligence and her Google Plus page is well managed, making it very easy to discern the information she presents.

  89. emPower eLearning Solutions


    emPower eLearning Solutions has made astounding developments in Ed Tech through their online learning management systems that are tailored tactfully to healthcare industries. The site has an impressive array of Google Plus posts with a large portion being incredibly engaging infographics.

  90. Minnesota Learning Commons


    The Minnesota Learning Commons was created with the explicit goal of helping Minnesotans have ample educational resources and opportunities. It’s recommended for those not living in Minnesota as well though because the posts on eLearning are largely applicable to anywhere in the country.

  91. Graccon Learning Solutions


    Graccon Learning Solutions provides a range of services, including eLearning design, consulting pertaining to Moodle, and advice on social media affectivity. Their Google Plus page made the list because they often post educational advice pertaining to technology.

  92. Inspired eLearning


    One of the biggest problems plaguing the traditional education model is that it’s unable to adapt to many of the particulars and given that so many situations are circumstantial or unique, it’s difficult to manage everything. Inspired eLearning was created with that goal of helping with these unique problems and tailor eLearning solutions to various situations. Through setting an example with their techniques, their Google Plus page has become a notable resource for those in the Ed Tech community.

  93. Simple Effective eLearning!


    Simple Effective eLearning! underlines how we’re entering an age of accessible learning resources and this is done through their Learning Management Systems. Those who view the site will immediately note how active the company is at educational conferences, so Google Plus users should definitely take advantage of the content they have available.

  94. JKT Education


    JKT Education is an education and career services provider in Asia, often working to implement leading training services on subjects like technology, soft skills, social media programs, integrated industry program, SAP training, among many others. Their focus on IT-related training is what makes their Google Plus page such a compelling view.

  95. Ever Learning


    As the premier learning consultancy in Australia, Ever Learning notes the most effective methods for getting the attention of the increasingly distracted child of today. With a large number of posts centered on how to incorporate useful technologies into the classroom.

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