Education reform is the process of incrementally improving the effectiveness of education programs, while reducing their costs and barriers to entry. In the U.S. many education reform advocates are concerned about rising class sizes in public K-12 schools, and rising costs for post-secondary education. Changes in a nation’s education system can have significant impact on that nation’s economic and social welfare, since well-educated citizens are more likely to get good jobs, start businesses, stimulate growth, and innovate in their fields.

We believe that the education system has a great deal of potential that has yet to be unlocked, and technology, policy reform, and research all have a part to play in bringing education to the next stage of its evolution. These sites cover education reform from every angle. Some are all about research and quantifying the social benefits of ed reform, where others are more concerned with grassroots efforts or even national campaigns to influence the government’s education policy. These sites are not being ranked, as each one provides an outstanding perspective and information on a different aspect of the broad and important subject of ed reform.

    Policy & Advocacy

    Many believe that changing government policy is the only way to improve the public education system. Changing laws could also help reduce the price of college and increase its accessibility.

  1. National Education Policy Center


    The National Education Policy Center is one of the utmost resources regarding education initiatives across the country. Their notable content on education and think tank reviews is what has propelled them to the forefront of the field.

    • Connect on Twitter: @NEPCtweet
  2. Education Reform Now


    Education Reform Now is an organization passionate about ensuring children have equal opportunities when it comes to education due to large disparages in each part of the country. The blog on the sited has lots of up-to-date information on reform, along with commentary on education news.

  3. NCPA- National Center For Policy Analysis


    The National Center for Policy Analysis goes to great lengths to look into the reasons the education system has been less effective than it could be and puts the power back into the hands of educators and Americans in general to address the issues and promote more intent educational direction.

    • Connect on Twitter: @NCPA
  4. Score-State Collaborative on Reforming Education


    SCORE, the State Collaborative on Reforming Education unites all of Tennessee behind the quest to better education statewide and put its students in the best possible position to succeed. The idea behind SCORE is to unite leaders in the state on a common reform agenda.

    • Connect on Twitter: @score4schools
  5. U.S. PIRG


    U.S. PIRG is a consumer group working to provide objective studies that stand up against the influence of large corporations and advocate on behalf of Americans. Their page on affordable education also works on higher education financial reform because of the skyrocketing cost of attending school. The page highlights why ed reform is so crucial and how citizens can go about advocating for it.

    • Connect on Twitter: @uspirg
  6. Institute For Research and Reform in Education


    The Institute for Research and Reform in Education helps students nationwide with some of the leading reform efforts. Their site focuses on student achievement and ways to improve success rates.

    • Connect on Twitter: @InstResReform
  7. The Center for Education Reform


    The Center for Education Reform generates worthwhile ideas in the scope of education, while supporting activism and stimulating media coverage to provide an accurate picture of the issues surrounding ed reform. Through this organization, reform efforts can gain the mission-focus, information, and determination to get off the ground.

    • Connect on Twitter: @edreform
  8. Students for Education Reform


    Students for Education Reform works to put the power into students’ hands and help address the issues that cripple the success of our K-12 programs across the country. Students are encouraged to contribute their own stories and enact long-lasting social change. Their “Learn” section is loaded with useful information for teachers and advocates alike.

    • Connect on Twitter: @SFERnational
  9. TPPF-Texas Public Policy Foundation


    The TPPF- Texas Public Policy Foundation is a great research institution that works ardently to promote change in many social issues, namely the way education is handled throughout the state. They focus on transparency and accountability on advancing education.

    • Connect on Twitter: @TPPF
  10. ECS


    Education Commission of the States, or ECS, looks at what’s being done nationally to implement worthwhile change to education and they also function as an up-to-date news source for what’s happening in the field. Their “What’s New” area should be checked out as well to see policy updates.

    • Connect on Twitter: @ecscomm
  11. Connecticut Council for Education Reform


    The Connecticut Council for Education Reform works to equip each child statewide with the resources for success, particularly those from low-income households and/or of-color who fall in the unfortunate area of the “achievement gap”. The various actions CCER takes for children has served the state incredibly well and their impact is thoroughly noted.

    • Connect on Twitter: @CTedreform
  12. Association of Governing Boards


    The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and College details various ways higher education is changing through technology and other contemporary developments. The site focuses exclusively on college-level education reform and how to go about it.

    • Connect on Twitter: @AGBtweets
  13. AAUP-American Association of University Professors


    The American Association of University Professors is the official organization that advocates on behalf of professors for academic reform, giving them a crucial voice that is often overlooked.

    • Connect on Twitter: @AAUP
  14. Access


    Access’ page on national organizations devoted to education reform is broken into two categories, so that people can aptly sift through the list to find either advocacy organizations or national policy organizations. If you’re trying to work on education reform and are looking for organizations to get in contact with, definitely check out this list.

    • Connect on Twitter: @schoolfunding
  15. Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education


    The Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education works across the state through a group of volunteer advocates who understand the correlation between education and success. If you’re wondering how to empower educators in your state to put advance the state of education, there is a significant amount to take away from this site.

  16. Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy


    The Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy is a non-profit organization that helps implement social initiatives that improve areas such as crime prevention, job training, and most notably K-12 education. Their significant work in education reform makes their site a great resource to get more information on how to get involved and implement reform locally.

  17. NCSL-National Conference of State Legislatures


    The National Conference of State Legislatures drives policy initiatives designed to increase the number of high school students that go to college upon graduating. Their page on reforming remedial education shows how work is being done nationwide to fill the gap at postsecondary institutions that largely results from varied high school curriculums. If you want to know how to increase the number of high school students attending college in your state, their site proves very useful.

  18. Citizens League


    Citizens League helps educators across the state through enhanced policy work centered on study committees and advancement work. Their active position in the field of education makes their page worthwhile for reform advocates.

    • Connect on Twitter: @CitizensLeague
  19. Chiefs4Change


    Chiefs for Change has been committed to making large changes to the Tennessee education system that returns the focus to children. Additionally, they act a strong voice for education reform, which makes them a great source for those involved in education reform in any state.

    • Connect on Twitter: @Chiefs4Change
  20. EPIC-Educational Policy Improvement Center


    The Educational Policy Improvement Center works with educators to make sure they have the most realistic picture of why it’s so crucial to attend college and get a degree. With this information, they should not only convey it to students, but use the knowledge to put them in a better place to succeed. The site breaks down content into Research, Services, and Tools, so that educators can quickly locate material most closely aligned to what they believe.

    • Connect on Twitter: EPIC_online
  21. The NEA Foundation


    The NEA Foundation is a charity that connects public school educators with organizations and individuals that can help to make education more effective. The site details how unions and districts can best create innovation in the classroom and receive more grants.

    • Connect on Twitter: @NEAFoundation
  22. POD Network


    The POD Network works on behalf of individuals who teach in higher education and wish to promote a stronger community for fellow teachers. The POD Network functions through numerous publications, conferences, consulting, and even networking opportunities for its members.

    • Connect on Twitter: @podnetwork
  23. Education Policy Analysis Archives


    When it comes to sites with the highest quality of material pertaining to education reform commentary, it’s hard to beat the Education Policy Analysis Archives. Articles detail some of the most insightful perspectives on issues that education faces today. It’s very useful for those currently working in reform to have useful resources to reference.

    • Connect on Twitter: @epaa_aape
  24. Democrats for Education Reform


    The Democrats for Education Reform is a political action committee that works with elected officials to promote a dialogue relating to the advancement of education reform initiatives. A notable aspect of the work they do is that it encompasses every level of government work, maximizing their potential impact.

    • Connect on Twitter: @DFER_News
  25. Public Interest Projects – Communities for Public Education Reform


    Communities for Public Education Reform (CPER) is a collaborative fund of national and local foundations committed to achieving equitable educational opportunities and outcomes for low-income students in communities of color. CPER is grounded in the belief that community engagement is a critical yet overlooked lever for school improvement, and that the organized involvement of parents and youth in affected communities is essential to achieving sustainable and effective school reform.

  26. NCHEMS for Higher Education Policymaking and Analysis


    The NCHEMS for Higher Education Policymaking and Analysis studies the work done across the country to improve education and compile reports that can be used by government officials to drive policy creation.

  27. California Collaborative on District Reform


    California Collaborative on District Reform helps individual districts with the problems that they’re typically faced with related to graduation rates, students attending college, and more. For anyone advocating to better education in their school district, this site provides the most thorough resources.

  28. Georgia Partnership for Excellence In Education


    The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education is a coalition of leaders from varying industries statewide that include businesses, educators, community leaders, and government officials, all who have a united vision for improving education. The site is useful to see how individuals in many varying fields can come together to implement change.

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    General Ed. Reform

    Public and private ed reform coalitions, education journalists, and educators themselves are all participating in the spirited debate over the best path toward positive education reform.

  30. RAND


    RAND Corporation’s section on Education and the Arts is loaded with useful pages on how to make education more accessible and effective for others. Advocates for refining education will enjoy the posts on research, studies, and policy updates nationwide.

    • Connect on Twitter: @RANDCorporation
  31. Aspen


    The Aspen Ideas Festival is an awesome organization that promotes some of the most innovative concepts of today. Their Education section shows how individuals around the world are pushing education forward. Education advocates can pick through the site’s dense library of ideas on how to truly improve education.

    • Connect on Twitter: @aspenideas
  32. Open Equal Free


    Open Equal Free is a site grounded in the 21st century that has very worthwhile information on how technology is increasing the number of individuals who are able to get a high-quality education. Their page “Higher Education Opportunities for Latin American Students” shows the effects of education reform on a larger scale.

    • Connect on Twitter: @openequalfree
  33. The Center for College Affordability & Productivity


    The Center for College Affordability & Productivity is a non-profit organization that frames obstacles in higher education in a very useful light that promotes a more conscientious student financial aid policy, combatting the high cost of college, accreditation, and more.

    • Connect on Twitter: @theCCAP
  34. Academic Partnerships


    Academic Partnerships has a forward-thinking vision about the state of education and where it will continue to head, specifically concerning the use of technology. Their site outlines the need for legislation to keep up with online learning to ensure success for more people, so is useful for those looking for referential pieces on reform.

    • Connect on Twitter:
  35. Education Next


    Education Next is an impressive resource that shows what the next frontier in education looks like and what education reformers can still do to impact the rapidly changing landscape. From their blog, journal, and detailed topics, the site is a great tool for getting up-to-date information on the latest developments in the field.

    • Connect on Twitter: @EducationNext
  36. StudentsFirst


    studentsfirst keeps the important focus on those who depend most on sufficient academic programs and promote educators, parents, and administrators to have a bigger voice in advocacy issues.

    • Connect on Twitter: @studentsfirst
  37. Virtual Learning Academy


    The Virtual Learning Academy is an online charter school that lets students have increased flexibility with their learning curriculum, while maintaining higher standards than many public schools. When talking about reform, it’s important to look at how effective online charter schools can prove to be.

    • Connect on Twitter: @virtuallrnacad
  38. The Thomas B. Fordham Institute


    Thee Thomas B. Fordham Institute promotes high standards and improving best-practices in education. They use their funding to pursue policy work, research findings, and apply their expertise in a way that is beneficial to students’ educational goals.

    • Connect on Twitter: @educationgadfly
  39. Getting Smart


    Getting Smart works with technology to advocate on behalf of students, teachers, and the field of education overall to implement learning strategies that increase effectiveness of learning and open more doors for students to succeed. Education advocates looking to work with technology should check out this site.

    • Connect on Twitter: @Getting_Smart
  40. International Center for Leadership in Education


    The International Center for Leadership in Education helps schools and districts implement changes to their organizations that enable them to be regarded with renown globally. They have a great staff of speakers, consultants, and trainers that anyone working in reform can view to understand methods for implementing change.

    • Connect on Twitter: @rigorrelevance
  41. redefinED


    RedefinED applies their efforts to reframing how public education is seen today, especially in the face of increased enrollment in charter and private schools. The site is useful to those in reform because it focuses on issues people are commonly aligned on, as well as providing useful information on virtual education, home schooling, and faith-based schools.

    • Connect on Twitter: @redefinedonline
  42. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Postsecondary Success


    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Postsecondary Success is an integral part of the organization that highlights the skyrocketing cost of education and how it’s displacing individuals from opportunity and leaving the United States unable to build the workforce needed to excel in the increasingly global economy. The foundation works to promote reform that increases opportunity for all.

    • Connect on Twitter: @gatesfoundation
  43. Inside Higher Ed


    Inside Higher Ed regularly publishes pieces on education reform and the various implications they can have on society and future generations. Articles mostly detail commentary, but it’s a worthwhile source if already educated on issues.

    • Connect on Twitter: @insidehighered
  44. Diane Ravitch’s Blog – Global Education Reform Movement


    Diane Ravitch’s Blog details her quest to have a useful forum for discussing many issues that impede education today. She’s a historian of education and Research Professor of Education at New York University, so her site yields commentary often not found online.

    • Connect on Twitter: @DianeRavitch
  45. Center for American Progress – Higher Education


    The Center for American Progress – Higher Education looks at the impact of developments on a local and national level while focusing primarily on students from a teacher’s perspective. The site has a wealth that those focused on reform can take away, since their primary audience is teachers.

    • Connect on Twitter: @amprog
  46. Young Invincibles


    Young Invincibles was created with the initial goal of giving young people a voice in the debate for healthcare reform, but has since grown into a way to communicate issues relating to education as well. This site is particularly useful to students because of this, but teachers can also use it to have a picture painted as to what sort of agenda young people are compiling.

    • Connect on Twitter: @YI_Care
  47. American Council on Education


    The American Council on Education’s page, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Priorities for the Higher Education Community” details how education reform should, in part, be working in unison with immigration legislation. The idea is that the country will be in a better position to retain talented individuals who were not born residents. Because of this unique stance, the page is useful for immigration and education reform advocates.

    • Connect on Twitter: @ACEducation
  48. Lumina Foundation


    The Lumina Foundation’s page on A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education accentuates how education reform can have a huge impact on a country. As reform advocates look for useful information sources on reform benefits, this page should be looked at.

    • Connect on Twitter: @LuminaFound
  49. Foundation for Excellence in Education


    The Foundation for Excellence in Education holds an annual national summit on education reform and they have large symposiums on how we can improve the education system, making it more effective for students and more efficient for teachers.

    • Connect on Twitter: @ExcelinEd
  50. Campus Reform


    Campus Reform is a watchdog for the America’s higher education system, closely monitoring news stories and media bias as it is able to largely influence policy. The site’s team of journalists partners with journalists of universities to hold the public accountable for any bias in the media.

    • Connect on Twitter: @campusreform
  51. Institute of International Education


    The Institute of International Education is an independent non-profit that helps to advocate for international education by awarding scholarships, conduct research, and keep progress on policy development at the forefront of people’s minds.

    • Connect on Twitter: @IIEglobal
  52. Alliance for Excellent Education


    The Alliance for Excellent Education emphasizes the values that make it possible for students to graduate high school in the best position to succeed in college. They focus primarily on at-risk students, particularly those in the lowest quartile, making it a great resource for those looking to reform education from the bottom-up.

    • Connect on Twitter: @All4Ed
  53. Diverse


    Diverse is a news site that has a refined focus on diversity in higher education, often helping to put the spotlight on important issues and support the crucial institutions that reinforce educational progress. Their blog has very insightful commentary on issues on diversity and racism in academia as well.

    • Connect on Twitter: @DiverseIssues
  54. Achieve


    Achieve works to initialize standards at a high school-level that align students with the best ways to succeed when going to college. Their role as a non-profit institution positions them to work with states and keep the focus on helping students excel.

    • Connect on Twitter: @AchieveInc
  55. EdSource


    EdSource promotes the most effective strategies and advocacy models within education so that those who work in the field can have the best change of implementing useful techniques with their students. What makes the site so impressive is their wide-ranging content that doesn’t stick merely in a specific area, making the site accessible to large amount of people.

    • Connect on Twitter: @EdSource
  56. The Project on Student Debt


    The Project on Student Debt has incredible resources on private loan debt and how to minimize the impact, and pain, of dealing with these expensive loans. The organization also has an intent focus on ensuring students are able to succeed and make sure this is independent from financial hardships.

    • Connect on Twitter: @TICAS_org
  57. Association of American Colleges and Universities


    The Association of American Colleges and Universities understands the numerous benefits of an undergraduate liberal education, so works to set standards for higher education, make a liberal education a global necessity, and promote integrative liberal learning.

    • Connect on Twitter: @aacu
  58. Student Debt Crisis


    Student Debt Crisis looks to tackle education reform from a financial aspect, citing the numerous problems related to institutions that pay administrators exorbitant amounts, which passing the burden onto struggling students. If you work in higher education, this site is strongly recommended to check out.

    • Connect on Twitter: @DebtCrisisOrg
  59. mdrc


    mdrc addresses some of the leading social issues in the country, like poverty and economic self-sufficiency, through improving public education. The site has tons of information on the ways they’re contributing, the right questions to ask to promote change, and what we can all do to contribute.

    • Connect on Twitter: @MDRC_News
  60. Annenberg Institute


    The Annenburg Institute is based at Brown University and is a national policy-research firm and reform support organization and has a refined focus on ensuring urban communities have access to quality education and keeps the door open for success in higher education.

    • Connect on Twitter: @AnnenbergInst
  61. Global Campaign for Education U S Chapter


    The Global Campaign for Education US Chapter is a wide-reaching coalition of organizations that advocate on behalf of educators and students across the country to remove barriers and make education more accessible for all.

    • Connect on Twitter: @GCE_US
  62. New Teacher Center


    New Teacher Center is a non-profit that has identified an interesting problem in education, that being the time it takes new teacher to become acclimated to the job. What New Teacher Center does is help accelerate the effectiveness of new teachers.

    • Connect on Twitter: @NewTeacherCtr
  63. Remaking the University


    Remaking the University is a great site for reform in higher education, often tackling issues that need more light shed on them and showing how to improve weaker areas. The site also has a “Hot Topics” banner that make the most pressing issues in reform easy to access.

    • Connect on Twitter: @cnewf
  64. SFER Harvard


    SFER Harvard helps empower undergraduate students to get involved in education reform and make the environment better for future generations of students. It’s also entirely student-run, so you can always expect a contemporary perspective on issues.

    • Connect on Twitter: @SFERHarvard
  65. Center for College Affordability


    The Center for College Affordability understands the large obstacles that plague the country in terms of college being accessible financially. As a non-profit based in Washington, DC, they help facilitate a dialogue beneficial for all parties to address these issues. The site also has a large amount of content on how to encourage educational reform.

    • Connect on Twitter: @theCCAP
  66. NACUA


    The National Association of College and University Attorneys works with post-secondary institutions to provide legal support and counsel. They also work to educate attorneys and college administrators on the various legal challenges often presented in day-to-day operations.

    • Connect on Twitter: @NACUAtweets
  67. Socrato!


    Socrato! helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses then allow them to take internet-based coursework that allows them to refine skills and get up to speed in problematic areas. Since many communities have not implemented the reform needed for students to succeed, this helps fill in any gaps.

    • Connect on Twitter: @Socrato
  68. The Council of Independent Colleges


    The Council of Independent Colleges works with small to mid-sized colleges to get them fantastic training tools for their facility that most aptly allows them to serve their student population.

    • Connect on Twitter: @CICnotes
  69. edutopia – Education Reform


    edutopia – Education Reform is a stream of all their in-depth articles that look at the various ways education is changing for the better and highlighting ways we can still improve on current practices.

    • Connect on Twitter: @edutopia
  70. CHERP


    The Center for Higher Education Research & Policy is a highly regarded source for analyzing reasons for underlying social problems that may be tied to education issues. Based out of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, they do a wonderful job to illustrate how to implement education reform.

  71. Real Education Reform


    Real Education Reform keeps the scope of its content on curriculum and instruction, so it’s a great source for teachers looking to get involved in reform. The site also has a very useful Multimedia Learning section, as well as blog.

  72. National Association of Scholars


    The National Association of Scholars promotes academic freedom in college-level education and studies how students across the country can function within collegiate academics. They recently started a study of college-level civics education and plan on using this research information to see the extent to which politically correct civics have replaced traditional civics.

  73. NYSED-Office of Higher Education


    The New York Office of Higher Education helps students, teachers, and administrators across the state work together to better the educational environment for all involved. They promote regulatory policies and initiatives that increase opportunity, making it a must-read site for those involved in reform.

  74. Center for Collaborative Education


    The Center for Collaborative Education is a non-profit that brings together educators to help transform schools and create a better pathway for students to succeed. The site is loaded with useful information and resources, namely tabs on Research & Evaluation and Coaching.

  75. CCHER


    The Culture, Cognition, and Evaluation of STEM Higher Education Reform works to research new teaching methods that are more interactive and less focused on merely “teaching at” individuals. Through studies and evidence-based analysis, they’re able to compile useful reports that influence policies in education.

  76. Center for Excellence in Higher Education


    The Center for Excellence in Higher Education was started because it was identified how large the struggle is becoming for students to go to school. The site helps detail ways to improve policy development so that it complements students better.

  77. Whitney Tilson’s School Reform Blog


    EdReform chronicles the latest developments concerning education and how we have to work together to improve education standards. The blog, run by Whitney Tilson, also shows numerous accounts of reasons the need for reform is at its highest ever.

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    News & Blog

    Newspapers, education bloggers, and publishers of all sorts write about education reform regularly since it a national hot-button issue of great public interest.

  79. The Chronicle of Higher Education


    The Chronicle of Higher Education is an esteemed resource for all policy developments, commentary, and news relating to the changing face of education in the 21st century. Their regularly updated site is integral to getting the latest information on where education is likely headed in the future and how to direct it.

    • Connect on Twitter: @chronicle
  80. Wilson Center


    Wilson Center’s page “Persistent Problems of Transition: Higher Education Reform in Hungary” provides a refined scope and incredible insight related to the other obstacles nations face when attempting to better education. For anyone who wants to gain a larger worldview relating to various ways education reform differs globally, check out this page.

    • Connect on Twitter: @TheWilsonCenter
  81. SaintPetersBlog


    Saint Peters Blog gives the latest information on education reform in Florida through their post, “A little context for a rough patch in Florida education reform”. By detailing the current setbacks the state is facing, it paints a much more realistic picture of how complicated it is to implement new reform.

    • Connect on Twitter: @SaintPetersblog
  82. VT Digger


    VT Digger’s education section has the most pertinent information when it comes to developments in the field today. They often discuss the ways that organizations and states are creating initiatives to improve education through new innovations, so check it out if you want the latest on reform.

    • Connect on Twitter: @vtdigger
  83. FutureCraft: Shaping Society’s Future


    The author of FutureCraft: Shaping Society’s Future uses the site to keep a database of things that they’ve written, along with other sites they manage. The goal of the site is to allow people to become better informed on issues to have a chance to change problems that face education today, so make sure to take advantage of all the material and links available.

    • Connect on Twitter:
  84. Bryan P. Doyle – In other words…


    Bryan P. Doyle – In Other Words is a passionate believer in building environments intuitive to learning for students and uses his job as the Director of Technology at KIPP: Austin Public Schools to promote stronger educational technologies in schools. Posts on his blog highlight how technology and education tools can intersect to benefit everyone.

    • Connect on Twitter: @bryanpdoyle
  85. Mind Over Minerals


    Mind Over Minerals looks at the importance of education in the developing world and how we can apply lessons learned in other societies to most effectively get other cultures up to speed. The posts on the site highlight how other countries are taking advantage of these new technologies.

    • Connect on Twitter: @keplerhq
  86. Propublica – College Debt Series


    Prorepublica – College Debt Series is an incredible section of the site, often touching on some overlooked issues related to financing college. By blending a great combination of news and commentary, they’re able to address issues while informing those uneducated on the matters.

    • Connect on Twitter: @ProPublica
  87. Education Week – Public Engagement & Ed Reform


    Education Week – Public Engagement & Ed Reform accentuates how education reform is largely driven by the demands of the public and so in order to enact change, we must have a more education public who are more passionate about evoking policy reform.

    • Connect on Twitter: @educationweek
  88. The Quick & The ED


    The Quick & The ED is a blog run by the American Institutes for Research and their fantastic Education Sector. The blog gives top-notch commentary and analysis on education policy and research in the United States. With separate sections for higher education and K-12 education, those in reform can be sure to find content relevant to what they’re looking for.

    • Connect on Twitter: @EducationSector
  89. NPE News


    The Network for Public Education News advocates on behalf of public school students to make the school system better and provide resources for school systems. Their site has daily updates pertinent to the education system and resources of useful for anyone involved in education, including parents.

    • Connect on Twitter: @NetworkPublicEd
  90. Johns Hopkins School of Education-Center for Research and Reform in Education


    The Johns Hopkins School of Education – Center for Research and Reform in Education shows how to apply research and empirical data in an effective manner that drives policy decisions across the country. The site is incredibly dense, providing an encyclopedia, magazine, weekly e-newsletter, and a great blog.

    • Connect on Twitter: @JHUeducation
  91. Remaking the University


    Remaking the University is run by Christopher Newfield and covers higher education and the problem faced relating to a lack of innovation today, among many other education-related subjects. Education reform advocates will love this site because of the depth to each post and incredible amount of information to take away.

    • Connect on Twitter: @cnewf
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    Relevant Sites

    Associations of educators, providers of online education, and any business that is directly or indirectly involved in the education system may be greatly affected by ed reform.

  93. CSRWire


    CSRWire’s Academia section covers a swatch of issues, but the most notable is their work on education. The wide scope is very useful for anyone looking to get started on reformation, but doesn’t know how to effect change. Content on the site mostly looks at different programs currently being rolled out across the country.

    • Connect on Twitter: @CSRwire
  94. EducationDive


    EducationDive is an up-to-date resource that has the latest developments at universities across the country and the reform efforts they’re working to implement. The site is updated frequently, so make sure to check it out when wondering what’s happening in the field and looking for a dependable news source.

    • Connect on Twitter: @EducationDive
  95. Boundless


    When it comes to reforming education through technology, it has to be sufficiently accessible and at a reasonable price, which is something that Boundless excels at. As a digital alternative to textbooks, the app makes a wealth of subjects available at your fingertips. This resource in particular is best suited for educators and school districts who are working locally on education reform.

    • Connect on Twitter: @GoBoundless
  96. AccessLocal.TV


    AccessLocal.TV’s page, “New API Score: Education Reform” is a great overview of how the Academic Performance Index is getting overhauled and the interesting information relating to its development. The page is highly recommended if you’re unfamiliar with the changes implemented to the API standards.

    • Connect on Twitter: @accesslocaltv
  97. See Thru Education


    SeeThruEducation is a non-profit that works with the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin to advocate on behalf of young students across the country to try to make college more affordable and better outline the idea of what we’re supposed to take away from the entire experience. The site is incredibly dense with resources, ranging from regional-specific information to content based around issues.

    • Connect on Twitter: @SeeThruEdu
  98. TimesHigherEducation


    Times Higher Education is an integral resource for getting the latest news, commentary, features, books, rankings, rankings, and more as it pertains to higher education. The site is incredibly useful for getting information about the current state of reform, along with how we can implement new policies to further improve it.

    • Connect on Twitter: @timeshighered
  99. American Federation of Teachers


    The American Federation of Teachers is an impressive resource that advocates largely for teachers, while still keeping a realistic picture of how to advocate for education as a whole. While primarily useful to teachers, many will find this site useful to see what issues teachers are focusing on promoting reform for.

    • Connect on Twitter: @AFTunion
  100. Catalyst Chicago


    Catalyst Chicago is a magazine that has been around since 1990 and analyzes and documents school improvement efforts in Chicago Public Schools. The magazine is published by the Community Renewal Society and they’ve done incredible work painting a picture of education in Chicago. For community leaders looking to promote and document reform efforts, Catalyst Chicago is a wonderful referential source.

    • Connect on Twitter: @CatalystChicago
  101. University of Arkansas-Dept of Education Reform


    The University of Arkansas’ Department of Education Reform helps K-12 schools work on improving their programs to give students the best opportunity to go on to college and succeed. By focusing on research, they’re then able to inform policymakers and have the best chance at improving education.

    • Connect on Twitter: @Ed_Reform
  102. Paul Wrubel


    Paul Wrubel’s page, The Case for Financial Aid Reform looks at the issues relating to making college more accessible from a financial standpoint, which has many benefits to an American public overall. The page provides important perspective as to why we should be working together on making college more accessible.

    • Connect on Twitter: @paulwrubel
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