Most Popular – and Versatile – Online Degrees

For those who follow my blog, you know how frequently I mention the growth of online degree programs. My reason is twofold: First, I’m excited about the growth of these programs! Second, I want to educate people about the benefits of distance learning. The more these programs solidify a reputation of credibility, the more options you’ll have when it comes to choosing a school and a major.

What are the most popular online degree programs?

Most of the popular online degrees are in job sectors that are experiencing growth. Below is a list of the most popular online degrees with the number of accredited programs rapidly growing each year.

  • BUSINESS DEGREES: Business degrees, such as the MBA, are by far the most popular online degrees, and with good reason. Business degrees offer students a wealth of opportunities in careers across the nation and the world, and MBA holders report increased job opportunities and far higher salaries than do those with only an undergraduate degree.
  • TECHNOLOGY AND COMPUTER SCIENCE DEGREES: For techies and computer gurus, earning a degree is now more accessible than ever. These programs include programming, development, computer hardware design, graphic design, and many others with promising career outlooks and above average salaries.
  • NURSING DEGREES: Whether you are just starting out or interested in becoming a nurse practitioner, many schools offer nursing degrees such as a bachelor’ s degree in nursing (BSN) or a master’s degree in nursing (MSN). You can also earn an associate degree in nursing online.
  • ACCOUNTING DEGREES: To become a certified public accountant (CPA), you need the right credentials, starting with an accounting degree. So for all you numbers crunchers, earning an accounting degree online is a great way for working adults to complete a degree program and advance their education.
  • CRIMINAL JUSTICE DEGREES: Criminal justice is a broad field that can lead to a number of different careers, depending on your area of interest. Some graduates pursue jobs as police officers, detective, security guards, forensic scientists, paralegals, private investigators, while others go to law school. Earning a degree in criminal justice online is a great option for anyone who isn’t interested in commuting to a campus and needs maximum scheduling flexibility.
  • EDUCATION DEGREES: It might seem a little odd to earn a degree in education online; however, many career changers choose education and need scheduling flexibility in order to attend classes. You can now become a by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education to obtain an entry-level teaching position. You can also earn a master of education (M.Ed.) or master of arts (M.A.) in elementary and secondary education, special education, administration, curriculum and instruction, literacy, leadership, and more, all online!

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