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E-learning, distance education, virtual learning, online education, Web learning – whatever you call it, technology has changed education. The classroom and the computer have come together to create a viable learning environment that allows students the flexibility to earn a degree at their own pace. That’s reason alone to appreciate what online learning has to offer.

Being a student is basically a full-time job. Let’s face it. Going to class, completing assignments, studying for exams – it takes time, and lots of it. Now add in a job, family responsibilities, commute time, and other commitments, a full plate is an understatement to say the least. And what about time for yourself? Can leisure and higher education co-exist?

Online education has provided a remedy, if you will, for helping busy students balance it all; hence, the growing popularity of online degree programs. But there’s more to it than that. Taking classes online is revolutionizing education and benefiting students in many ways, and we’re here to share why.

Reason #1: Students Control Learning Time

Many online schools pride themselves on providing students self-paced instruction – an effective teaching method that proceeds based on learner response. Students move as quickly or slowly through the learning material as they need to. Self-paced instruction helps students learn in a non-threatening environment with unlimited opportunities to review and master concepts and skills.

Reason #2: Mass Customization

Online learning allows students to customize their education style and timeline: Learn when you want, how you want, and what you want when it’s convenient for you. Many schools offer blended courses that combine the best of both worlds –the classroom and the computer. If you prefer to take your courses entirely online, that’s an option too. Whatever works for you, works!

Reason #3: Lowers the Cost of Education

Have you researched the cost of tuition these days? It’s going up with no end in sight. Online programs lower the cost of education by reducing or eliminating the need to commute to campus. Students also save money on student fees, textbooks, and other expenses that often add up, and quickly!

Reason #4: Improves Productivity

If you’re easily distracted, the solution for some students is to limit their exposure to interferences, such as partying, roommates, and the constant flow of people. Some college campuses boast more than 40,000 students! With online learning, you choose where to attend class. You login when the time and place are suitable for learning.

Reason #5: Access to High-Quality Instructors

Highly qualified instructors are at your disposal to teach you what you signed up to learn. Many online instructors have impressive resumes, credentials, and a breadth of experience to draw on. You’ll learn from professionals, scholars, and industry experts in a variety of subjects. What’s more, you can interact with your instructors online to go over lessons, ask questions, and address any concerns you might have.

Technology continues to change how we learn, and online degree programs are testament to that. And with a tough job market, it’s best to make yourself marketable. An advanced degree is often a necessary credential to land a job these days, and without a college education, it’s often difficult to find employment. Online learning makes it easier for students to earn a degree while working or raising a family. And while learning online is not for everyone, online learning proves to be a good solution to many students who need to balance more than one responsibility.

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