What Will The Most Popular Online Degrees In 2012 Be?

The New Year marks a new chapter. It’s a time when people pledge to stick to the goals they’ve lost sight of in the past year. Be it health, education, organization, or a laundry list of other New Year’s resolutions, the beginning of the New Year is a popular time to recommit. For those seeking a higher education, online universities offer a flexible way to go back to school without sacrificing personal or work life. These five online degree options are gaining popularity, and we expect them to be the most popular online degrees in 2012.

5. Bachelor’s in Education

Even though in some areas in the United States recent graduates are hard pressed to find teaching jobs, the country is still in need of the next generation of quality educators. Upon completion of a bachelor’s degree in Education, students will be prepared to sit for their state’s Board of Education certification examination.

U.S. Department of Labor Average Salaries:
Elementary School Teacher: $54,330
Technical Education Teacher, Secondary School: $56,010
Special Education Teacher, Middle School: $56,500

4. Bachelor’s in Communications

Those interested in studying communications are typically tuned in to current events and changing trends. They thrive in fast-paced environments. A bachelor’s in Communication’s prepares students to work in a variety of communications roles including advertising, journalism, public relations, internal corporate communications and tv/radio/film.

U.S. Department of Labor Average Salaries:
Editors: $59,340
Reporters/Correspondents: $43,780
Public Relations Specialists: $59,150

3. Bachelor’s in Information Technology

This undergraduate degree has a major focus on computers and technology, it differs from a Computer Science degree in that students are also versed in management and information theory. IT professionals are trained to successfully bridge the gap between management strategy and back-end product development.

U.S. Department of Labor Average Salaries:
Computer Systems Analysts: $81,250
Network & Systems Administrators: $72,200
Software Developers: $90,410

2. Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

An online bachelor’s in criminal justice is often the first step towards a career in security and law enforcement. A wide range of law and justice-related courses like psychology, sociology, law, and public administration are offered.

U.S. Department of Labor Average Salaries:
Probation Officers & Correctional Treatment Specialists: $51,240
Criminal Investigators & Detectives: $73,010
Social Worker: $52,270

1. Bachelor’s in Business Administration

A popular degree at brick-and-mortar institutions as well as online colleges and universities, business administration is likely to reign king as the most popular major of 2012. Students are trained in a variety of courses such as finance, marketing, human resources, strategy and basic information technology to prepare them for the always-evolving business climate.

U.S. Department of Labor Average Salaries:
Financial Managers: $116,970
Actuaries: $98,620
Insurance Underwriters: $65,220

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