3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Online Education

Skeptics say that a quality education is sacrificed when one decides to enroll in an online education program. They cite reasons such as lack of face-to-face interaction, the ability to cheat, and a de-emphasis on time management. The fact is though, in our connected world, online education isn’t going away. In a study conducted by Aslanian Market Research presented at LeadsCon last month, online education is witnessing major growth. Around 10% of higher education students took all of their courses online in 2010, and that number will continue to grow. By 2015, it’s predicted that 15% of students will complete their entire program online.

For many, online education provides a means to study while working around work and family obligations. Choosing online education though, shouldn’t be a cop-out. Even though you’re studying from a distance, you can still make the most of your education. Follow these tips to ensure you’re maximizing your potential in an online setting.

  1. As Tempting As It Is, Don’t Cheat
  2. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice. Even though answers can be more accessible when you’re working alone from your computer, part of the learning process is discovering things on your own and learning from your mistakes. You’ll be better off in the long run if you treat your online learning experience as if you were in a traditional classroom.

  3. Make Friends From Across The Country
  4. Interaction is still a key part of online education, even from opposite corners of the country. Use the friends you make in class as resources during the class and professional contacts after your program ends. Likely, you’ll enjoy your experience more if you’re connecting with other students.

  5. Make A Weekly Schedule And Stick To It!
  6. Online education can make it easy to get off track and let everything slide until the end when it’s due. But what good will that do you in your job? Our lives are typically based on deadlines, so online classes are the perfect time to practice prioritizing and scheduling accordingly. Each week, write yourself a schedule that accounts not only for homework and studying, but for your current work responsibilities, family obligations, etc. Try your best to stick to it, and at the end of the week, you’ll get to look back at all you’ve accomplished.

What tips do you have to add for making the most of your online education?

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