Best Online Universities Announces Upgrades to Lead Reporting Technology

Additional reporting capabilities and better account tracking will increase lead generation opportunities

Chicago, IL – (September 2nd 2011) – Best Online Universities LLC announced updates to their proprietary technology Best Online Monetization (BOM) today, including additional data reports, reporting visuals, and enhanced account tracking features.

“Best Online Monetization is real-time lead reporting technology we developed to efficiently identify areas of lead generation strengths and weaknesses across our portfolio of education websites,” said Jimmy Atkinson, President for Best Online Universities. “Lead data from multiple lead buyers are imported into one centralized system, and can be exported to customized reports, filtered by date range, school, website, or subject niche which allow us to concentrate our efforts accordingly.” Atkinson added that the enhancements made with newly released version 2.1 will improve the performance of the beta version the company had been using over the past year.

Some of the key features of the BOM technology include:

  • Additional data reports integrated, to track conversion rates more precisely
  • Inclusion of more reporting visuals and drill downs to allow for more in depth analysis
  • Enabled exporting of data to third party accounting application for improved account tracking

With the new upgrades, Best Online Universities aims to gain a competitive advantage by identifying areas of opportunity their competitors have not developed the technology to pinpoint.

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Best Online Universities LLC develops top quality higher education websites that connect students to accredited colleges and universities across the United States. The company provides useful information to visitors, while simultaneously generating highly qualified leads for online universities. Their portfolio of sites reaches hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month who are interested in healthcare administration, criminal justice, and many other online degree programs.

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