50 Awesome Weblogs Every College Freshman Should Read

Almost every student who leaves home for the first time to live among peers at an educational institution finds stress in handling lifestyle changes. How do you survive? What is cool to wear? How do you pay for your next meal, let alone laundry and textbooks? The following 50 awesome blogs every college freshman should read includes survival tips on all those topics and more — mostly directed at new students, but you may want to savor these blogs during your entire college career.
Starbucks Coffee CollegeCollege Survival Blogs

  1. 43 Folders: 43 Folders focuses on how to improve the quality of your career and life by managing your attention in a way that allows you to work “your ass off on the creative projects that matter most to you.”
  2. Brain PathWays Blog: Discover your brain strengths to navigate life with the education section of this blog.
  3. College Survival Blog: Get college tips, tricks, ideas, shortcuts and other “shenanigans” here.
  4. Freshman Blog: The Rider News hosts several blogs, one of which focuses on a student during her freshman year at college.
  5. Freshman 15 Blog: Seventeen Magazine sponsors several college freshmen who write about their experiences and their tips and advice for the first year in college.
  6. Hack College: HackCollege is educating the students of the world about effective, open source software, putting techno-political arguments in everyday language, and creating a cult of “Students 2.0.”
  7. School-Survival: This is a support site for students who can’t stand being forced to go to school. This site does not promote dropping out or rebellion, but offers a place to air grievances.
  8. StudentDump: A Blog For College Students: This blogger started this site to help college, university and high school students succeed in school.
  9. Surviving College: If you’re wondering how to get along with a roommate, have fun on a budget, handle the basics of living on your own, make it through college classes, and figure out what to do when you graduate, then you’ve come to the right place.
  10. The College Solution: This list of articles is part of the archives that focus on freshmen and their particular difficulties in adjusting to college life.
  11. The College Survival Handbook: A college graduate shares his mistakes and successes so current students have an easier time coping with college.

Agnes Scott College Library Reading RoomGeneral College Advice

  1. Campus Grotto Blog: Get sage advice about everything from the best time to sell your textbooks to careers.
  2. College Being: Although college students are the primary audience, anyone who has been in college, is going to college, or just enjoys college life or the stress of not knowing where you life is going can appreciate this site.
  3. College Blender: Written by college students for college students, this blog keeps students up-to-date on various activities and ideas.
  4. College Happenings: This blog covers topics from alcohol to food and from health to writing.
  5. College Jolt: This blog covers topics that range from athletics to college life, college prep, food and fitness, relationships and style.
  6. College Times: The college newspaper for the college student, covering politics, entertainment, health, science and other topics.
  7. Dr. Michael W. Kirst: Kirst’s blog discusses the important and complex subjects of college completion, college success, student risk factors (for failing), college readiness, and academic preparation.
  8. Find College Cards Blog: This blog tackles a variety of topics such as the pros and cons of a college gap year and the best college planners to purchase.
  9. Steve Pavlina: Steve does “personal development for smart people,” including college students.
  10. The College Solution: Lynn O’Shaughnessy is a nationally recognized college expert, who is a higher-ed journalist, consultant and speaker.

Kings College ChapelFinancial Aid and Advice

  1. College Recruiting — Athletic Scholarships Blog: Being good with sports is one way to pay for college, and the Athletic Recruiting Network shows how you can wind your way through the recruiting maze.
  2. Financial Aid News: This newsletter/blog is a service of the Student Loan Network. Learn about financial aid, scholarships, FAFSA, student loans and how to save money.
  3. Free College Blog: Learn how to find grants, scholarships and other forms of financial aid with this blog.
  4. Go! Financial Aid Blog: Keep up to date with financial aid applications, including the FAFSA and CSS profile, scholarships, grants, loans and other topics.
  5. Grad Money Matters: Get money-making ideas to get you through the college years and beyond.
  6. My College Admissions Blog: No matter which year you are in at college, this blog offers great advice on financing, college application processes and job ideas.
  7. Pay for College Blog: Deborah Fox is the founder of Fox College Funding, a nationwide college planning company that helps families find creative ways to reduce their college costs. This blog reinforces her philosophies.
  8. Poorer Than You: Money issues for college students and 20-somethings, “without being boring.”
  9. The Choice: This is The New York Times’ blog about demystifying college admissions and aid processes.
  10. The College Blog: Reecy Aresty helps college-bound families get their students accepted to the school of their choice and pay less than they ever dreamed possible.

Simmons College ConvocationSpecific College Blogs

  1. Colorado Mountain College Student Blogs: Students share their blogs about life at Colorado Mountain College.
  2. Freshman Blog: Rivers Brunson at Judson College writes about her freshman experiences.
  3. Harvard College Student Blog: Student bloggers tell you about life at Harvard College.
  4. List College First Year Experience Blog: Several college students blog here and relate their experiences at Albert A. List College at the Jewish Theological Seminary.
  5. Real Life College Student Blog: The Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority is reaching out to high school and college students to write and read this blog about college life.
  6. Ripon College Student Blogs: Students share their Ripon College experiences with you through regular blog updates.
  7. Student Blog: The “inside dirt on life at Olin,” or a college-sponsored blog written by several students.
  8. Swamp Survival: The Swamp Survival blog is a collaborative effort among students in the IDH 4905 Honors Professional Development: Community Outreach / Capstone course at the University of Florida.
  9. Vegetarian College Survival Blog: Brook Hendricks helps vegetarian students at eh university of Texas at Austin survive the school year with vegetarian eating ideas
  10. Year One: A College Blog: Keep up with Collegiate Kate as she begins her college experience at a private Southern university through this interactive online journal.

College TrendsCollege Trends

  1. College Candy: Definitely for the college women, and topics range from fashion to politics.
  2. College Fashion: This is a blog for stylish college ladies, featuring fashion tips, the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, online sale updates, ruminations on college life, college fashionistas’ street style, as well as style advice for “20-somethings.”
  3. Debutante Clothing: The blog consists of vintage finds, mixing vintage with modern (which is essential to achieving style) and runway looks that can be achieved using vintage.
  4. Every College Girl: A team of college girls from across North America write on topics that range from how to change a tire to how to do a keg-stand and everything in between.
  5. Kineda: Kineda has the perfect mix of entertainment news, health and fitness tips and ways to liven up a party, all fit for college eyes.
  6. LookBook.nu: One of the hottest fashion / photography sites around for college students (male and female) and 20-somethings to share trends from around the world.
  7. Nerd Boyfriend: Notice we said “nerd,” not Geek, Emo or Goth.
  8. Thrifty Threads: If you want to be chic, but you don’t have money to spend, then get some tips on how to overcome that obstacle (the lack of money) at this blog.
  9. Trendtation: Share your looks and patent your style. Get inspired, and discover new brands and looks. Guys invited.

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