Top 40 Forums & Message Boards for Online University Students

One way you can improve your education and get a degree on your own time is to consider participating in an online degree program. You can improve your skills and earning power with help from an accredited online university program. These programs can help you improve your education, and help you do it on your own time. However, the downside is that you don’t always get the personalized attention you might get by attending a more traditional set up.

However, there are ways to find support when attending an online university. There are plenty of forums and message boards meant for online learners. If you are looking for some good places to go for information and tips related to online schooling, here are 40 great forums and message boards to participate in:

  1. Forums – Community: This offers access to great forums from one of the premier elearning communities out there. If you have questions, or are just looking for support, this is a great place to start.
  2. Online Degree Forum: This forum from offers interesting distance learning discussions and helpful hints for your online degree search needs.
  3. Online Forums: Participate in online learning and get some great tips to help you with distance learning, and find out more about the trends from the eLearning Guild.
  4. Yahoo! Message Boards – Distance Learning: Joins some of the great message boards on distance learning, or start your own, to get information on distance learning.
  5. EI Distance Learning Students: This message board is aimed mainly at distance learners in the hospitality industry. A great way to connect with others in the field.
  6. Distance Learning: You can get good information on distance learning from this helpful forum.
  7. Online Education Forums: Keep up with developments in online education, and have your questions answered.
  8. Brunel Distance Learning Forum: If you are a distant learner in the area of building services engineering, this can be a helpful forum. A great place to learn more about distance learning, and find support in the field of building services engineering.
  9. Student Community Forum: Connect with other online students. A great forum that helps students learn from each other, and discuss online university programs and degree opportunities.
  10. Distance Learning – BellaOnline Forums: Women involved in distance learning can benefit from this forum. Great source of support and information for women who want to be involved with online learning.
  11. Education Connection: This online education forum provides helpful information for online university students. Get advice, and join in on school and career discussions.
  12. E-Learning: This forum allows you to learn more about distance learning. Great information, tips and answers to questions.
  13. Community: Get access to forums, including specific discussions on different courses. A great way to connect with other distance learners.
  14. A great place to visit online if you are interested in online learning in Europe.
  15. Online Degree Forum: Connect with others involved in online learning. Great ideas, helpful information and plenty of support.
  16. Online Degree Chat: Find out more about online degrees, programs and more. A great resource for online university students looking to enhance their online learning abilities.
  17. If you are trying to learn English in a distance setting, these forums are great. Helpful information on learning English.
  18. Online degree forum: Helpful discussions, including information on accredited programs, related to distance learning. Online learning discussions and ideas.
  19. College Forum: A diverse forum that includes a number of subjects related to college. Online learning, online schools and degree programs are also included on this forum.
  20. Photography Forums: If you are interested in learning more about digital photography, you can join the forums at Digital Photography School. A great way to learn about photography, and learn something new.
  21. Homeschooling Discussion Forum: If you are looking for ideas and tips for homeschooling, and learning at home, this is a great place to visit. Helpful information for those who are helping their children with online learning.
  22. eLearning Forum: An interesting look at online learning, and a forum that helps you learn more about technology and education.
  23. International Student Message Board: International students interested in a variety of subjects, including online learning, can find answers here.
  24. Online University Forum: This forum from Men’s Psychology Think Tank is a great source of information on online learning and universities. A great deal of good information and solid ideas.
  25. Forum: Learn more about open learning, and about helpful tips for distance learning. A great resource for online university students.
  26. The Math Forum @ Drexel University: A great online forum that can help you learn math. Get a little extra help with your online learning in math related fields.
  27. CommLab Global Online University Forum: A helpful place to discuss topics related to online learning on universities. Also includes information on jobs, career and more.
  28. Livemocha: Another great online learning community for those interested in learning another language.
  29. ResearchGATE: You can use this forum as a great way to connect with others in the scientific community. Great learning opportunities for online university students.
  30. Helpful information, tips, and more related to academia. A great resource for online university students.
  31. elearningleaders: This discussion group on Yahoo! offers insights from elearning leaders. A great resource for online university students looking for helpful information and resources related to distance learning.
  32. Discussion Forum: Interesting discussions about online school admissions.
  33. LLM Guide – Distance Learning: Find information on distance learning related to law programs. Get master of law information on worldwide online university programs.
  34. Best Criminal Justice Degree Program: Learn more about degree programs in criminal justice, including online degree programs. Can be helpful for university students.
  35. The College Forum: A look at all things college related, including some information on distance learning and programs. Helpful information related to college that can be used for online university students.
  36. MBA Discussion Board: Topics in distance learning are discussed on this helpful board aimed at MBA students. Great tips, support and more related to distance MBA.
  37. Learn 4 Good: Online Courses: Different discussions on distance learning. Learn about available online courses, and get good information on elearning.
  38. Back to College Forums: Learn about going back to college at these forums aimed at adults. Includes information on online universities.
  39. Audio Courses Forum: Learn about audio courses, and get access to learning resources.
  40. TechSoup Community: Access to forums and boards about all things technology. A useful resource for online students looking to get a handle on using the Internet.

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