40 Must-See Videos About Online Universities and Distance Learning

Technology has made it possible to get an education on your own terms, and on your own timetable. Indeed, online universities offer a number of advantages, including the ability for you to work at your own pace — and get an education from the comfort of your own home. If you choose carefully, you can even get an education at an accredited online university. If you are interested in online universities, or if you are participating in online distance education, here are 40 videos that can help you find out what to expect, and how to excel:

Online Universities and Degree Programs

Find out more about your options. Includes helpful materials from different online universities and degree programs. Also, learn more about diploma mills and problems associated with them.

  1. World’s First Tuition-Free Online University: Find out more about the University of the People, a university designed to provide a free education to those in under served countries. However, in order to get credit, you do have to pay for it.
  2. About Western Governors Online University – Accredited & Affordable: Learn more about your options at Western Governors University, and the online education you can receive.
  3. Online Degrees explained by Andrew Jackson University: A look at how you can you benefit from an online university. Also, explains the difference between a true online university and a degree mill.
  4. Concordia College and University – Accredited Online Degrees: Learn about getting an online degree from Concordia. Watch out, though, such life experience degrees may not be accredited in all cases, and you may find that your degree is not always respected. Do your research first.
  5. Earn An Accredited High School Diploma Online Through Ashworth College: Finish your high school education, and get ready for college with this program that might be able to help you finish your high school education a little bit faster.
  6. Find Success with an Online Degree Program: Find out more about University of Phoenix and how you can tailor your education to fit your needs with online classes and degrees.
  7. Open University: Life change through study: Offers a look at Open University and some of the advantages that you can enjoy with your distance learning.
  8. Flexible Degree Programs: A look at the flexibility of degrees from Virginia College Montgomery.
  9. Can online education help you find a job?: A look at online degrees, and what you can do to have a successful distance learning experience — while avoiding diploma mills.
  10. Pug Dog Earns Online MBA – A Cautionary Tail: A funny look at concerns about degree mills.
  11. Diploma Mills, Degree Mills: A report from NAAS about diploma mills, and what to look out for.
  12. Essential Tips When Choosing Online Degree Programs: A look at the issues surrounding online universities and degree programs.
  13. Diploma Mill mastermind facing sentencing soon: A look at this scam, and issues related to a specific diploma mill scam.

Distance Learning and Study Tips

These videos provide helpful tips for distance learners, as well as general study tips that can help you learn more effectively.

  1. Online Learning: Tips for Success: How you can find success in online learning.
  2. Successful Online Learning Tips: Avoid scams and learn how to have online learning success.
  3. 3 Myths about Online Learning: Get beyond these distance learning myths.
  4. Homework at Work? Study Tips for Online Students: Get helpful information for online learning.
  5. Study Skills – Mastering Note Taking: Master note-taking for study and distance learning.
  6. How to Prepare for an Exam: Great study tips that can help you be more effective in your learning.
  7. 12 Things I Wish my Students Knew: Tips from a teacher.
  8. Study Tips: Get some helpful information aimed at helping you with your math coursework.
  9. Study Skills: Learn how to improve your studying effectiveness.
  10. Using a mindmap to organise study notes: A helpful look at how you can organize your study materials.
  11. How To Improve Your Memory: Retain information you learn with help from these memory tips.
  12. End Procrastination 21 Tips for Getting More Things Done Today: A helpful look at ways that you can get more done — including with distance learning.

Online Courseware Collections and Distance Learning Resources

If you are looking for some knowledge, these video courses and lectures can help you enhance your distance learning.

  1. UC Berkeley on Google Video: Access information lectures and videos that can help you enhance your distance learning.
  2. Harvard@Home: Distance learning, helpful resources and interesting subjects are all available from this most prestigious of universities.
  3. Oxford Internet Institute: Get access to interesting lectures on a number of subjects. Helpful information and resources for your distant learning.
  4. Open Yale Courses: Improve your study and distance learning with help from these Yale lectures.
  5. Columbia Interactive: Watch courses from Columbia University. A great resource for distance learners and those working on online degrees.
  6. Princeton University: WebMedia – Lectures: Interesting material and information lectures. Enhance your study, and improve your distance learning with help from this prestigious university.
  7. Audio/Video Courses from MIT: You can watch video courses and improve your knowledge, becoming a better distance learner, with help from MIT.
  8. Videos and Podcasts from UCTV: University of California offers podcasts and videos that are great resources for online learners.
  9. The Landon Lecture Series: Find out more about a number of different subjects. Great lectures and information.
  10. Academic Earth: Online courses, lectures and more. You can also find information about online courses and degrees from online universities.
  11. Khan Academy: Learn a number of concepts on a variety of subjects. A great way to enhance your study and distance learning.
  12. Free Video Lectures: Collects different video lectures and online degree program videos in one place. Very helpful for those who want access to a wide variety of distant learning resources.
  13. Video Lectures: Find a number of different videos containing lectures. Great help for those who are interested in augmented their study.
  14. World Lecture Hall: Find great videos, lectures, and courses. A great way to study and learn.
  15. BBC Learning: A great resource for distance learners around the world. Great videos about a number of subjects that can enhance your study.

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