25 e-Learning & Education Start-ups That Could Change the World

One of the ways technology is changing the world is do with the way we learn. Online universities provide opportunities for learning from the comfort of your home. Indeed, so many people are interested in learning online, that there are a number of schools and businesses designed to cater to distance learners. An online degree can help you earn a little more money, and it can also help you find knowledge that you did not have before. Whether you are looking for a free education online, or whether you are looking for the tools to help you succeed in an e-learning environment, here are 25 start-ups that just might change the world of education:

  1. GlobalScholar: This start-up is focused on creating a global learning system. The idea is to change education so that it is more dynamic and fluid. Not only does it involve a virtual classroom and distance interactions, but it also provides a system for creating an integrated curriculum, and even includes helpful professional development courses to keep teachers up to date. Originally InfiLearn, GlobalScholar is the brainchild of former Amazon.com executive Kal Raman.
  2. 2tor, Inc.: John Katzman, the founder of the Princeton Review, offers 2tor, Inc., a start-up that is meant to revolutionize education with the help of social media. Fast Company reports that 2tor created a platform similar to Facebook to help with the Master of Arts in Teaching at the University of Southern California. It makes it easy for students to interact with each other and instructors.
  3. Sums Online: Want to make math fun? The U.K. start-up Sums Online provides a wide range of math activities that are flash based, according to TechCrunch Europe. Those who are learning at home can use Sums Online products, just as those in more traditional school settings can. It’s a great way to learn math, and this start-up also won an accessibility award from Nasen.
  4. DreamBox Learning: Help kids get excited for math with help from DreamBox Learning, an education start-up that provides math games for kids. This is interactive learning at its finest, with online math games that help children learn to solve problems while experiencing adventures. DreamBox was recently acquired by Netflix founder Reed Hastings.
  5. Grockit: The tagline for this educational start-up is “get addicted to studying.” It’s not hard to see why Fast Company named this a start-up to watch. Grockit is one of the leaders in personalized learning. Social media style learning and test preparation starts out by assessing the student’s skill level. This allows Grockit to tailor learning for the student to help him or her improve test scores while having fun.
  6. School of Everything: TechCrunch Europe recognizes this school due to its interesting way of connecting students with teachers — directly. If there is something you want to learn, you can go to this site, and learn it from those who teach it. You can also use the site to find offline classes and teachers in your area. A great way to learn whatever it is you want to learn, from math to martial arts.
  7. FoneFonics: Learn from anywhere with a specialized phone. FoneFonics is behind the mLearning program, which offers students an opportunity to learn via mobile phone. TechCrunch Europe was impressed with this educational start-up, and the mLearning phone from FoneFonics is in beta testing right now with Summer Arts Colleges, with a Poetry learning program.
  8. LearnOutLoud: Based in Santa Monica, California, LearnOutLoud focus on podcasts, audiobooks, downloads and video. In some cases, you have to purchase the products, but there is also a library of free materials. If there is something you want to learn about this is a great way to increase your knowledge. Compatible with a variety of devices. And, if you want to sell your own work, you can publish through LearnOutLoud.
  9. Knewton: This is another online educational start-up focusing on test preparation online. Fast Company likes the start-up, which uses test experts to help students study. This is a way to connect experts and students from all over the world, and provide an online environment for learning with a platform that can be accessed anywhere, and include live chat. Plus, it costs less than some other test prep programs.
  10. Notely: Organize your life as a student and perform better. TechCrunch Europe points this out as an educational start-up that has potential. Notely allows you to coordinate your schedule, planning homework and integrating your schedule, notes and more so that everything you need is easily accessible. It’s an innovative approach to student organization so that all the tools for better learning are easily within reach.
  11. Myngle: Want to learn another language from the comfort of your home? Myngle offers you the chance to connect with online tutors, one on one. No need to meet with someone in person. Also, this is more than just a company that sends out audio files. Instead, you can actually interact with a tutor who knows the language, learning online and getting better instruction with distance learning. Last year, Myngle received one million euros to help keep it going.
  12. WildKnowledge: If you are interested in exchanging knowledge using a mobile phone device, this is the way to go. TechCrunch Europe mentions WildKnowledge as an interesting educational start-up, and it really does help you learn and share information easily. You can develop your applications as well. An easy way to learn on location — no matter where that location is.
  13. Inigral: Fast Company reports that Inigral is a start-up funded by Facebook’s Founder’s Fund. The idea is to create a social media application that is easy to use. It’s higher education on Facebook, helping colleges relate to its different stakeholders, including prospective students, current students and alumni. Ingral’s CEO and founder is a former high school teacher, Michael Staton.
  14. SmartLearn WebTV: Instructional videos from an Indian company focused on helping students for IIT JEE and AIEE. Experts in related subjects teach the video courses, designed to help students. There is also a job engagement function and online tutoring. SmartLearn WebTV was recently acquired by EdServ, an education services provider.
  15. uHavePasseduHavePassed.com: In Britain, this start-up is changing the way people pass their driving tests. This start-up, mentioned by TechCrunch Europe, offers a variety of tools to help students prepare for the written part of a British driving test online or via mobile phone. You can analyze your progress, get used to hazard perception videos and learn while playing games. It’s a great way to learn what you need for the theory portion of the driving test.
  16. eduFire: This educational start-up was named one to watch by Fast Company due to its live video learning. Interact with top professors and with other students. You can learn a number of subjects, including different languages. A way to individualize learning to the student’s own pace, and provide the student with access to experts that he or she might not otherwise have.
  17. GradeGuru: This is a start-up from McGraw-Hill Education. It is a social network that allows college students to connect and share their knowledge. It gives new meaning to “study group”, as students from around the world can collaborate, share class notes and establish an academic reputation. Functions as a game as well, allowing you to earn rewards and build your status.
  18. ePals: If you are into homeschooling, then the Internet offers a wide variety of options for those looking for K-12 learning. ePals is one of those educational start-ups. It’s a project based learning network that connects classrooms and homeschooled students from around the world. It’s a great way to collaborate over distances and enhance education. It also recently received an investment from National Geographic.
  19. Udemy: It is possible to interact with professors who can develop their own courses with Udemy. The goal of this e-learning start-up is to help “democratize online education.” Students can interact with their professors, and they can watch video and get access to learning material. Also helpful because it allows the teachers themselves to develop their courses as they wish.
  20. eLearning Brothers: Want to develop your own e-learning course? It’s possible with eLearning Brothers. This start-up focuses on helping teachers and others develop e-learning courses that are effective and sometimes even fun. Also included are helpful hints on finding students and branding yourself. This company is looking to make e-learning a little more common, and accessible to more people.
  21. TutorJam: Get access to tutoring, no matter where you are. You get personalized instruction, one on one, tailored to fit your needs. Includes test prep, and tutoring for college as well as K-12. Tutors are knowledgeable in the field, and the company is helping to provide increased access to individualized learning — something that is becoming increasingly important as technology makes it possible.
  22. Educomp: This Indian start-up has a number of affiliates and partners, helping with education and training in a variety of ways. Offers access to learning information and videos, as well as continued innovation in the field of education and learning. Connect with other teachers and students from 26,000 schools, comprising 15 million learners. A great way to find the education you are looking for.
  23. Livemocha: Another language learning e-learning start-up, Livemocha allows a way to learn different languages, community style. By connecting with native speakers and others, it is possible to increase your knowledge of another language. It is an inexpensive option as well, providing tutoring and other helpful tools that make distance learning of another language possible, and even fun.
  24. Brightstorm: If you are interested in test preparation, then Brightstorm might be able to help. This education start-up focuses on helping students prepare for AP tests, as well as standardized tests. You can connect with teachers and experts, and learn more about learning. One of the features is a step-by-step way of answering math problems, so students can see how it is done.
  25. Mindflash: This e-learning start-up is actually aimed at helping small businesses help train their employees. Former Mint.com CMO Donna Wells is the president and CEO. Mindflash is designed to help small businesses provide resources to their employees by developing online courses that can be used for training.

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