How to: Find Free College Video Lectures Online

Technology has made it possible to connect with others and find information in a number of amazing new ways. Education has also become more accessible than ever. Many universities — including some of the most prestigious — offer open courseware that can help you learn concepts, often for free, in the comfort of your own home. It is also possible in many cases to find more than just a syllabus, reading materials and ideas for assignments. You can also find, in some cases, free educational videos and college lectures. Many colleges now film their lectures and turn them into videos that can be viewed online for free.

Free College Video Lectures

Wendy_koppSome of the most well-known universities offer free video lectures that anyone can watch. While you can use Google or YouTube to find video lectures, there is no need to. (Find lectures using Google Videos by going to the search field, and then typing genre:educational followed by the name of the subject you are looking for. For example, genre:educational history or genre:educational science.) You can visit the web sites of prestigious schools and look for their video archives. Here is a list of 10 places where you can find free free college video lectures:

  1. Harvard: One of the most recognized schools in the world, Harvard also provides a way for you to learn about a variety of subjects. The [email protected] web site is a great home base to find a number of videos from several different programs. There are physics videos, lectures on gender issues, anatomy course materials and even law and justice. It is also possible to go to individual schools at Harvard university and watch video lectures. Both the School of Public Health and the Department of Physics offer their own video lectures, as do the other schools and departments. Well worth poking around on the Harvard web site.
  2. MIT: The best open courseware offerings are to be found at MIT. There are few schools that boast the wide range of free educational offerings that MIT provides. And video lectures are no exception. MIT has a very impressive collection of video courses and audio courses at its open courseware site. Some of the free lectures that you can view from MIT include anthropology, engineering, languages, physics, music, women’s studies, recreation and biology. There are a number of video lectures and courses that can be used with other courseware at MIT, to enhance the experience.
  3. Yale: Many people would surprised to think that they could see first-rate lectures from an ivy-league school like Yale for free. One of the best places to go to find free college lectures from Yale is to visit the Office of Public Affairs. Not only is there news and information, but you can also see lectures. The “news channels” links in the side bar can connect you to other areas of the Yale web site that can help you see additional lectures. You can also find educational videos with a global scope by visiting the YaleGlobal Online Magazine.
  4. UCLA: Some of the video lectures offered by UCLA are only available students and faculty. However, there are still hundreds of video lectures that the public are welcome to view. BruinCast offers course lectures from a number of courses being taught each term. It is also worth noting that there are archives going back to the 2005-2006 academic year. It is an interesting feature of UCLA’s web casts that they are actual lectures from actual courses being taught at the time.
  5. Princeton: One of the cool features of the Princeton University video lecture portal is that it offers the chance for you to learn from schools all over the world. UChannel is designed to connect you with educators from around the globe, providing access to free college video lectures from Britain, Europe, Asia, Russia, and Canada in addition to lectures from around the country. You can find educational video lectures on just about any subject you are looking for that is related to public affairs and global interaction.
  6. Columbia University: If you are looking for a little more elucidation on a wide variety of topics, you head over to Columbia Interactive. This site contains access to a number of video lectures and other online learning resources. Online education and video lectures on subjects covering the spectrum from architecture to medicine to philosophy to engineering can be found from Columbia University. And it’s all free to the public.
  7. Stanford: If you are interested in business, you can learn more about the subject from Stanford University. This prestigious school provides a number of video lectures, as well as audio podcasts, from the School of Business. Stanford also has its own video channel on YouTube, bringing a number of lectures, seminars, round-tables and more to the public. If you are interested in engineering, there is also an easy to use page from the School of Engineering that connects you to a number of free lectures. You can use iTunes U to download instructional video and audio to your iPod or iPhone as well.
  8. UC Berkeley: Another school that offers a wide variety of free course lectures is the University of California at Berkeley. From a course lecture on cognitive neuroscience to a lecture on literature in English, you can enjoy learning about nearly anything. You can also watch some of the course live, seeing web casts through Berkeley’s courses page. On-demand and replay are available as well, and you can search the archives for free video lectures from courses taught in other years.
  9. University of South Carolina: If you are interested in microbiology and immunology, then the University of South Carolina is the place to go. The School of Medicine offers a number of video lectures on subjects related to the medical field. You can see videos, as well as download slide presentations to files that are easy to view on the computer or with an mp3 device.
  10. University of Oxford: It’s not just American universities that offer free video lectures. You can also see college lectures from one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Oxford provides a number of web casts that are educational and insightful. Most of the lectures, however, relate to issues addressing the Internet, and policy, law and society that come with social media interactions. The Oxford Internet Institute is one of the best places to go if you are looking to be more educated about online technology and its implications.

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