25 Must-Have Firefox Extensions for e-Learners

Are you a student who browses the Internet with Firefox? If so, then you already may realize the number of extensions available to Firefox users. Many of these extensions can be used to deepen your e-Learning experiences, so we’ve compiled a list of twenty-five Firefox extensions that may help speed up your studies in a secure and easy-to-use environment.

The following list is compiled in alphabetical order under various categories to show readers that we do not favor one extension over another.

File Sharing

  1. Drag & Drop.io 2.0.1: Store and share pictures, videos, audio, documents and more without an account, registration or email address. Sharing is private.
  2. FireShot 0.77: Use this extension to create screenshots of Web pages and upload them to public screenshot hosting.
  3. Fleck – Save the best of the Web 1.2.2: Bookmark Web sites, leave notes and share with other members in your study group or class.
  4. Notefish Save, organize and share snippets of Internet Web pages.

Notes and Organization

  1. Copy Plain Text 0.3.3: Have you ever copied text and picked up on the formatting? Lose that code with this Firefox add-on, where you can set it to trip extra space in and around the copied text as well.
  2. List.it: Keep track of research project developments, daily chores, class schedules and more with this handy sidebar tool. This is an open source MIT project that will help keep your tasks organized.
  3. QuickNote Use this simple note-taking extension that comes with tabs, automatic save and basic integration with an email client to simplify your life.
  4. Wired Marker: This tool provides a permanent indelible highlighter you can use to mark up Web pages and – in the process – file those highlights into an “electronic book mark.” Use various colors for various projects.


  1. Answers 2.3.50: Just point at any word on a Web page, hold down the Alt key (Ctrl in Linux) and click. When you release, a popup appears with an AnswerTip that may help define or answer your query about a given word.
  2. Headup Highlight and click to discover new content related to any Web page subject. You can boost searches, reduce browser clutter and increase privacy protection with this add-on.
  3. Hyperwords 5.5.4: Select any word on a Web page and use commands to search, translate, email, or add to Twitter, Facebook and more. Customizable and easy to use, this extension can help with your reference work.
  4. ImTranslator 3.2.8: This online translator includes language combinations for everything from Albanian to Romanian and more. Includes spell checker, decoder and localization.
  5. Merriam-Webster 20080326: Use this English dictionary search add-on to help with word definitions.
  6. Read it Later: This add-on allows users to save a Web page to read it later. It helps to eliminate bookmark clutter.
  7. WikiLook 2.0.7: Use this Wikipedia and dictionary look up to define words and discover inside information on your research searches.


  1. BetterPrivacy 1.29: Prevent tracking while researching online with a “Super Cookie Safeguard” that blocks longterm tracking on Google, YouTube, eBay and many other domains.
  2. Dr. Web LinkChecker: Right click on a link you want to visit, and scan to check if the link is safe to follow.
  3. QuickJava If you browse online constantly, you may want a tool that helps to enable and disable Java and Javascript at your fingertips for security reasons. This is a light extension that serves its purpose.
  4. WOT 20090414: If you browse constantly searching for research material, then this extension may go a long way in avoiding risky sites. WOT delivers a front-line layer of protection that provides safer surfing.

Speed Up the Work

  1. Automatic Save Folder 0.9.3: This extension allows users to quickly specify the ‘save’ location for any download.
  2. Brief 1.2.1: Read your RSS feeds quickly through a seamless and interactive page that lets you bookmark and tag items with a single click.
  3. iMacros for Firefox Record and replay repetitious work such as filling out registration forms, remembering passwords and revisiting sites that you use constantly for research.
  4. Morning Coffee 1.33: An easy and quick way to open your browser to sites you read every day. Organize Web sites by day and open them simultaneously as part of your daily routine.
  5. SmarterFox: Browse Faster Browse faster, search instantly from your address bar or popup, find related information in your searches and more.
  6. TidyRead 0.4.0: Turn your Web reading into a no-fringe experience. This tool extracts core text from articles and blog posts to help you quickly grasp the important message.

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