25 Excellent Web Apps for Searching, Bookmarking, and Browsing Open Courseware

When you are an online learner, it is important to have access to the tools you need to expand your knowledge and learn more efficiently. The Internet has provided online learners with open courseware, which is available to all — even if you do not attend the university that provides it. When you find something good, you want to be able to access it quickly, and use it again. Here are 25 helpful Web resources that can help you as you search, bookmark and browse open courseware:

Open Courseware Search Engines

25485151_838b506a3fSearch engines can help you find the open courseware that you are looking for. There are a number of search engines focused on helping online learners find open courseware.

  1. OpenCourseWare Finder is just what is sounds like: a search engine specifically designed to help you locate open courseware. Use this engine to help you find courses on a number of subjects of interest.
  2. Directory of Open Access Journals provides a search engine that allows you to search full text articles from scientific and scholarly journals. The project is part of the Lund University Libraries.
  3. Google Scholar offers access to videos, images and papers associated with learning. Searching for open courseware and other educational materials with the power of Google.
  4. INFOmine provides searchable access to scholarly information, courses and more. Categories are searchable, and you can look for materials in a number of categories, including humanities, sciences and a number of other subjects.
  5. Internet TV Search Engine isn’t just for scholarly information, but it is sure helpful for those looking for documentaries and even lectures. Use the “online lectures” link to view scholarly lectures on a number of subjects.
  6. World Public Library provides access to learning materials from all over the world. Look for collections, open courseware and educational eBooks with help from this search engine.

Open Courseware Directories

There are a number of directories that can point you toward open courseware in a number of subjects. If you are looking for sites that have already done the legwork for you, visit some of these directories to browse open courseware offerings from a number of reputable sources:

  1. Free Open Courseware Directory from College@Home offers a helpful resource for browsing your online learning options, from health and medical to engineering to business.
  2. Self Made Scholar provides helpful links to all available open courseware from colleges and universities. Browse open courseware options from Tufts, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Stanford and more.
  3. iBerry is an “academic porthole” that provides you with access to open coureseware offerings from around the world. Categorized so that it is easy to find what you are looking for, it is simple to browse open courseware offerings and materials.
  4. World Lecture Hall is provided by the University of Texas at Austin. This is a searchable directory that provides you the ability to find different open courseware options from around the world.
  5. Wayfaring Map offers the interesting Stingy Scholar’s University Podcasts, Webcasts & OCWs directory that helps you find open courseware from around the world. Provides you with access to offerings and course materials from world institutions of higher learning, including Harvard, MIT, CERN, Japan OCW Alliance, and more.
  6. 100 Killer Open Courseware Projects from Around the World: Ivy League and Beyond provides information on some of the top open courseware projects. These projects provide you with access to free and low-cost courses available to anyone.

Open Courseware Social Media, Bookmarking and Tagging

Social bookmarking and tagging can be exceptionally helpful when it comes to organizing open courseware and re-visiting helpful sites. Here are some social bookmarking and tagging sites that you can use to keep track of your open courseware options:

  1. OpenCourseWare – SWiK provides a place for materials and courses with the “opencourseware” tag (and similar tags) to be aggregated. Find new sources for educational resources and add your own.
  2. 43 Things is a social bookmarking site that connects you to others with simliar interests. Additionally, it can help you find information on open courseware, and put yourself out there as some interested in open courseware.
  3. Delicious provides an easy way for you to bookmark your open courseware and organize it so that it is easily accessible from any computer with Internet access.
  4. Facebook is fast becoming a social site that allows you to tag and bookmark a number of useful sites. It is possible to add some open courseware collections as “friends” or become a “fan”. This ensures that you get updates on specific information and tools related to your preferred open courseware.
  5. Wikiversity is a Wiki that allows you to add open courseware and learn more about available offerings. You can save your favorites and access them later.

Open Courseware Web Tools

There are a number of Web tools that can help you with elearning. Find open courseware, organize it and better manage your online education.

  1. Curriki is a community of those dedicated to education and online learning. You can find lesson plans, learn about open courseware, collaborate with other learners and even contribute your own knowledge.
  2. Moodle is a content management system aimed at helping learning. While aimed at teachers, it is possible for you to organize your own open courseware and use this Web tool to enhance your elearning.
  3. Docebo is an elearning Web tool aimed at helping you find open courseware materials, as well as connect with instructors and others. You can organize your materials and even submit your own courses.
  4. e-Learning Guru provides information on open courseware, offers you access to Web conferencing and provides other helpful information about online learning.
  5. Edubuntu take ubuntu and takes to the educational level. This Web tool can help you enhance your online education efforts by offering applications, content, tools and providing you with a powerful search tool for open courseware.
  6. Osalt is about finding open source software to replace some of the more expensive applications you have. This can be helpful in terms of replacing educational software and other applications you might use in your online learning.
  7. Dimdim provides helpful tools for elearning through its conferencing capabilities. If you are planning to join a conference or Webinar, Dimdim can help.

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