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What are the Best Online Universities?

While there is no definitive list of the best online universities, a number of factors contribute to a school’s reputation, including faculty, accreditation, and career and students services. Below you’ll find some of the more popular online universities according to our user selection data that meet high academic standards and offer students quality educational programs.

Purdue University - Purdue University is one of the largest accredited online colleges, with degree programs available in a wide range of subject fields. Purdue University is committed to general education, a student-centered service and support approach, and applied scholarship in a practical environment.

Colorado Technical University - Colorado Technical University offers accredited online degrees in criminal justice, healthcare, information technology, business, and much more. CTU was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

American InterContinental University - AIU Online is the Web-based virtual campus of American InterContinental University. AIU understands that personal and professional responsibilities can make finding time to study a real challenge, so the degree programs provide students with the option to select between our full-time and part time schedules. AIU offers an innovative approach to education at its campuses in Atlanta, South Florida, Houston and London, as well as the Virtual Campus of AIU Online.

Liberty University - Liberty University is a Christian research university with both campus and online classes available. Join over 100,000 students across the globe, and earn an accelerated, accredited degree online through an efficient and flexible format that helps students achieve their academic and professional goals.

Northcentral University - Northcentral University offers online master’s and doctoral degree programs in accounting, business, computer technology, healthcare administration, criminal justice and general studies. The programs provide the flexibility and convenience of online learning while offering unparalleled mentoring and student support. For students interested in pursuing a graduate degree, NCU provides streamlined admission and education in the US.

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How Do Online Classes Work?

An online school is a merger of the Internet and the post-secondary classroom. Technology has made it possible for students to take tests, debate with their fellow students, and follow-up with instructors from their home computer. The difference between online colleges and their traditional counterparts lies in the format — Internet-delivery versus face-to-face instruction.

The chart below provides a useful comparison of online and traditional learning to help you decide if taking online classes is the right choice for you:

Traditional Programs Online Programs
Where are classes conducted? In an assigned classroom on campus Anywhere with access to a computer and the Internet
How are classes conducted? Classes often consist of group discussions, lectures, and other types of in-class exercises Online classes are conducted entirely via the Internet and requires attendance at few, if any campus class meetings
How will I get to know my peers and instructors? Students and staff are present in the classroom and faculty have office hours Students and staff are present in online discussion forums and faculty provides personal feedback via email or web conferencing
Will I need to come to campus? Onsite class attendance is required Some online courses require students to attend on-campus exams or events; others require no campus attendance
How are exams and assignments given? Exams are administered on-campus and assignments are typically submitted in class Exams are delivered online or proctored at a local testing site; assignments are typically submitted via email or through a course management system such as Blackboard

Is Online Learning Right for You? – Additional Resources to Help You Decide

When choosing an online school, there are several factors to consider. Our library provides a variety of articles and resources to help students make decisions about an online education. Our most popular articles listed below will provide you with answers to your most common questions and links to additional information.

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  • Accreditation: What It Means, Who Accredits, and Why It’s Important: Accreditation is an important credential to look for when researching an online institution. By attending an accredited school, you can be sure that your degree will be recognized by employers and other institutions. This article outlines the accreditation process as well as provides helpful information about accrediting bodies and their assessment criteria.
  • Top Web-Savvy Professors: There are many exceptional teachers out there making headway in the online learning space, and the professors on this list are working hard to make web-based communication technology an integral part of the lifelong learning experience for their students.
  • How To Transfer Credits Between Accredited Online Colleges: Credit transfer is assurance that previously earned credits will apply towards your desired degree program. If you plan to transfer colleges, whether from one online program to another, it’s important to understand what types of credits transfer. You’ll find this information and much more in our article on how to maximize your educational investment.
  • Important Time Management Tips for Online Students: Time management is an important skill for students studying in online. We’ve provided some useful time management and study tips any student should implement, but that are especially useful for online students.

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