Introducing: The Bell

Introducing the newest addition to the Chicago office, the morale boosting bell!

Pictured below, President Jimmy Atkinson and Chicago Branch Manager Scott Hawksworth installing the bell.

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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Online Education

Skeptics say that a quality education is sacrificed when one decides to enroll in an online education program. They cite reasons such as lack of face-to-face interaction, the ability to cheat, and a de-emphasis on time management. The fact is though, in our connected world, online education isn’t going away. In a study conducted by Aslanian Market Research presented at LeadsCon last month, online education is witnessing major growth. Around 10% of higher education students took all of their courses online in 2010, and that number will continue to grow. By 2015, it’s predicted that 15% of students will complete their entire program online.

For many, online education provides a means to study while working around work and family obligations. Choosing online education though, shouldn’t be a copout. Even though you’re studying from a distance, you can still make the most of your education. Follow these tips to ensure you’re maximizing your potential in an online setting.

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LeadsCon Las Vegas Wrap Up – 3 Key Takeaways

LeadsCon Las Vegas

Some of us from Best Online Universities, LLC were lucky enough to attend LeadsCon at the Mirage in Las Vegas earlier this week. For those not in the industry, LeadsCon is the pioneering conference and expo dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of those operating in the online lead generation industry. The audience of about 2,600 people consisted of representatives from a variety of verticals from B2C and B2B lead generation, including online education, insurance, credit cards, mortgage, home improvement, senior housing, health care, and others.

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Best Online Universities Opens A New Houston Office

We’re happy to officially announce the opening of our new Houston, TX office! The Houston team, which consists of SEO specialists and talented writers, primarily focuses on web marketing and improving website rankings for our portfolio of websites.
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What Are America’s Best Online Universities?

Online universities have been in the news a lot lately as more and more brick-and-mortar institutions declare that online learning is part of their long-term strategy. Major publications have taken note of the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of online learning. Just this month, U.S. News & World Report added an online learning section to their website where they have started to rank the nation’s best online universities. Continue reading

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Apple To Host Education Event Next Week – How Will Tablets Evolve For Online Learning?

Yesterday, Apple announced that they will be holding a media event related to education next week; however they haven’t revealed much else at this point. The invite sent to news organizations featured a graphic shaped like an iPad. The portable iPad has gained popularity for educators and students at all levels by serving as an alternative to traditional textbooks and laptop computers.

The event, that takes place at the Guggenheim Museum next Thursday, will likely address its latest product updates and how they will benefit educators and learners. For online learners, this could be huge. The tablet has already revolutionized learning, in that it allows the classroom and its related materials to be portable.

While fantastic for mobility and convenience, some question their effectiveness as a learning tool. Penn State released a study of their approaches to online mathematics programs, with mixed results. Some of the problems found related to the rendering of mathematical symbols. In general, tablets are geared specifically towards the written word, meaning that students of online courses related to mathematics should be aware of potential issues when selecting a tablet PC.

This is just the beginning for tablets though. It will be interesting to see how they evolve, and how online programs adapt them into their course design and curriculum. How do you think tablets will evolve over the next year?

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What Will The Most Popular Online Degrees In 2012 Be?

The New Year marks a new chapter. It’s a time when people pledge to stick to the goals they’ve lost sight of in the past year. Be it health, education, organization, or a laundry list of other New Year’s resolutions, the beginning of the New Year is a popular time to recommit. For those seeking a higher education, online universities offer a flexible way to go back to school without sacrificing personal or work life. These five online degree options are gaining popularity, and we expect them to be the most popular online degrees in 2012.

5. Bachelor’s in Education

Even though in some areas in the United States recent graduates are hard pressed to find teaching jobs, the country is still in need of the next generation of quality educators. Upon completion of a bachelor’s degree in Education, students will be prepared to sit for their state’s Board of Education certification examination.

U.S. Department of Labor Average Salaries:
Elementary School Teacher: $54,330
Technical Education Teacher, Secondary School: $56,010
Special Education Teacher, Middle School: $56,500
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U.S. News To Rank Online Degree Programs Starting January 10

Back in July, we posted that U.S. News and World Report plans to introduce rankings for online colleges. Well that time is almost here. On January 10th, 2012, U.S News will launch their inaugural rankings exclusively on, using data compiled from all online bachelor’s degree programs and five master’s level education programs in the United States. The 5 master’s programs that will be ranked are:

  1. Business
  2. Computer Information Technology
  3. Education
  4. Engineering
  5. Nursing

The number of students enrolled in online degree programs is increasing, and quickly. According to one study, “Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States, 2011,” it is reported that more than 6.1 million students took at least one online class during fall 2010. 10.1 percent more than the previous year. Continue reading

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Best Online Universities Holiday Party 2011

Last Friday, Best Online Universities North hosted our annual holiday party at Revolution Brewery in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. We celebrated with staff from our Houston office and our significant others as well as valued partners and contractors. The festive evening began with cocktails and a brewery tour, followed by a delicious feast of bacon-fat popcorn, assorted pizzas, chicken wings, pulled-pork sandwiches and other snacks. The night reminded us all of the successes we’ve achieved in 2011, and of the ambitious plans we have for 2012. Continue reading

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The Secrets Of A Successful Online Course

Last week, an article was published on Campus by Richard Rose, who is the program chairman for instructional technology and design at West Texas A&M University. In the article, Rose reveals 6 easy steps for online success. For the benefit of our readers, I’ve summarized his points below. Don’t forget to check out the full article, here.

Secret 1: UX and Layout Matter

While early on, it was excusable for web-based courses to appear as if they were thrown together by a novice, with varying font sizes and lack of structure, it is not acceptable today. It’s imperative that not only is the content of the course well planned for and interesting, but that layout and structure are thoroughly considered as well. The bottom line is that students won’t respect the material if the course looks like a tech-savvy middle school student put it together. Continue reading

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