10 Bizarre College Courses

Getting a degree, whether online or at at traditional college campus, is a tremendous amount of work. It takes patience, discipline, and self-motivation to get through every homework assignment and to cram for every final exam. Of course, there is an end goal: you’re torturing yourself now so that you can have a better career and a better future. No pain, no gain.

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Five Online Education Trends in 2015

Staying up to date in the e-learning community is what we’re all about. Whether for students taking one class online to enhance what they learn on campus, or students who are attaining their full degree online, distance learning continues to grow in popularity. It has become a worldwide phenomenon. From the beginning of 2014 through the end of 2016, the global rate of growth in the e-learning market is expected to be 7.9%. In Asia, the growth rate is a staggering 17.3%, being driven by countries like China, India, and Australia.

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Helpful Study Tips For Over Break

I know, I know. You don’t even want to think about this semester’s finals, let along the beginning of a whole new semester already. But listen! Thinking ahead is the primary objective with secondary education. Plan now and you’ll be rewarded in the future, right? The keys to success generally revolve around good habits. Which isn’t to say you should be afraid to break from routine – you are on break after all! But getting too far away from good habits will make the next semester all the more difficult. Below are some tips to keep in mind over break, that’ll help you kickstart things when the new semester rolls around again.

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Sample Platter: Free Courses to Take Before You Commit

If you’ve been considering online education as a possibility in your life, you might be wondering what you can expect. Courses and how they’re taught at different universities vary widely, but you can probably expect that you will have a lot of face-to-screen time. This might not be something you’re used to, and maybe you’re unsure how you’ll react to sitting at your computer all day long. Well before you commit the time and money to a multi-year degree, why not try out a few of these courses first? These websites include a variety of different courses. Maybe staring at a lecture on screen works for you, but maybe you need something more interactive. This way you know what to look for when applying for schools.

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Most Popular – and Versatile – Online Degrees

For those who follow my blog, you know how frequently I mention the growth of online degree programs. My reason is twofold: First, I’m excited about the growth of these programs! Second, I want to educate people about the benefits of distance learning. The more these programs solidify a reputation of credibility, the more options you’ll have when it comes to choosing a school and a major.

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Know Yourself as a Learner

Learning Style

Have you ever wondered how your brain is wired? Do you know what makes you tick and why? Understanding why we do what we do and how we do it is essential if we want to improve our performance and productivity in life. And when it comes to learning, your brain is the most important part of your body, because it is where all your thinking and remembering takes place.

At BOU, we are passionate about helping students make the most of their education and ultimately their careers, and so are the folks at Neuidentity. We had the pleasure of talking with Stephen Hager, Neuidentity co-founder and co-creator of Brain PathWays™, BRAIN MODE® power and Learning Keys™. Stephen has over 40 years’ experience in scientific research, and it shows in the Brain PathWays™ assessment that a few members of staff completed last week.

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Transferable Skills: From Online Learning to the Job Interview

College graduates and career changers know the importance of transferable skills – those skills that can be used in other contexts and beyond the classroom. And as many of us know all too well, today’s market is competitive, and you need the whole package in order to make a good impression. Employers want to know what you can bring to the table from your experiences at work or school, on special projects, or from volunteer and charity work, parenting, sports, etc. You need to sell yourself and your talents and match what an employer is looking for. That’s where transferable skills come in, and for students with an online-only education, your talents far reach outside the digital classroom, more than you might think.

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Employers on Online Education

A top concern of prospective students considering an online degree is if employers look at an online degree as favorably as a traditional one. And the answer is yes. Online degrees from legitimate colleges and universities offer the same high-quality educational standards and learning opportunities as their traditional counterparts. But the operative word here is legitimate and for good reason. Accreditation validates your degree so that employers will give your education the attention it deserves. However, accreditation isn’t the only indicator of quality. When it comes time to interview, make sure you have more to sell than just a degree.

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Why Students Like Online Learning

Online Programs

E-learning, distance education, virtual learning, online education, Web learning – whatever you call it, technology has changed education. The classroom and the computer have come together to create a viable learning environment that allows students the flexibility to earn a degree at their own pace. That’s reason alone to appreciate what online learning has to offer.

Being a student is basically a full-time job. Let’s face it. Going to class, completing assignments, studying for exams – it takes time, and lots of it. Now add in a job, family responsibilities, commute time, and other commitments, a full plate is an understatement to say the least. And what about time for yourself? Can leisure and higher education co-exist?

Online education has provided a remedy, if you will, for helping busy students balance it all; hence, the growing popularity of online degree programs. But there’s more to it than that. Taking classes online is revolutionizing education and benefiting students in many ways, and we’re here to share why.

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5 Successful Online Learning Strategies

Time Management

It takes more than an Internet connection and a computer to succeed in online learning. Specific skills are needed to accomplish your goals, and time management is just one of them. And for online learners, effective time management is undoubtedly an important skill to have.

But it’s a tough skill to crack. It takes focus, and well, time, to learn how to manage your priorities. For college students, time management is even more challenging. Balancing work, academics, and other life responsibilities is no easy task. If you’re new to the online learning environment, we’ve compiled a few strategies to help you avoid time wasters that can derail your educational progress.

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