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If you want to know more about any topic related to online education, it’s always a great idea learn from an expert. Below are some of the questions we asked Dr. Marina V. Kostina, which we hope will provide further insight and help you find the best online college to fit your needs.

Online Education Expert Dr. Marina V. Kostina
Answers Your Most Pressing Questions

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Popular Online Universities

A college education can open up many doors, and online programs provide students with unique flexibility and opportunities. Since it can be difficult to decide which schools to consider, we've provided a list of popular online universities below. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to click on any school name.

How Online Universities Work

An online school is a merge of the Internet and the postsecondary classroom. Technology has made it possible for students to take tests, debate with their fellow students, and follow-up with instructors from their home computer. The difference between online colleges and their traditional counterparts lies in the format — Internet-delivery versus face-to-face instruction. If you have more questions about online education, check out our interview with Dr. Marina V. Kostina, a distance learning expert and online professor.

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When choosing an online school, there are several factors to consider. Our library provides a variety of articles and resources to help students make decisions about an online education. Our most popular articles listed below will provide you with answers to your most common questions and links to additional information.

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